Sunday, 2 June 2019

Alan's Album Archives on Tiermaker

Ever wanted to know what Alan's Album Archives thinks of the albums he reviews at a glance without all those words? no? Well tough, because thanks to the website Tiermaker I can now tell you exact;y what I think of thirteen of the thirty bands covered at the AAA and it's far too much fun not to share with you. Why not make your own?

1) Beach Boys

2) Beatles

For some odd reason 'The White Album' is missing ('Amazing')

3) Grateful Dead

Only studio albums - for live albums: Live/Dead (Genius), Bear's Choice (Average), Dead Set (Almost As Good), Reckoning (Average), Without A Net (Bad)

4) George Harrison

5) The Kinks

Missing: Think Visual (Disappointing), UK Jive (Excellent), Phobia (Excellent) plus live albums Kelvin Hall (Under-Rated), One For The Road (Excellent), The Road (Disappointing), To The Bone (Disappointing)

6) John Lennon 

7) Paul McCartney 

8) The Monkees

9) The Moody Blues

10) Oasis

Not sure why there are two 'Heathen Chemistrys' or 'High Flying Birds'

11) Pink Floyd

12) Rolling Stones

13) The Who

14) All The Solo Beatles

Sorry Ringo!