Monday, 25 August 2008

News, Views and Music Issue 1 (Top Five): Chronic Fatyigue-Fibromyalgia Songs

On similar lines, here’s the first in a semi-regular series of top 5 lists: The top 5 album archive records for Fibro sufferers:

5) “Fido” (The Byrds/ Ballad Of Easy Rider, 1969) - OK< so it’s a dog called Fido howling outside the narrator’s window that’s stopping him from sleeping, but change a hound called Fido into a pain called ‘fibro’ and you virtually have the whole song right there. No wonder the poor singer is indoors ‘feeling mighty sick’ while he’s ‘wide awake, staying up late, wishing he was not’ - that’s fibromyalgia for you.

4)(Fibro) “Fog On The Tyne” (Lindisfarne/ Fog On The Tyne, 1971) - For years we’ve assumed that this novelty item could only be about the Geordie band’s beloved homeland, but it works equally well as a lament for all those cognitive problems that come with fibro (the words never seemed to make much sense anyway!)

3)”Cold Turkey” (John Lennon/Non-Album Single, 1969) - OK, so this song is about drug withdrawal according to the ex-Beatle’s later interviews, but at the time this song about ‘head so heavy’ and ‘fever so high’ while the desperate narrator screams about not being able to get to sleep at night could have been a fibro anthem.

2) “Another Sleep Song” (Graham Nash/ Wild Tales, 1974) - ‘All I need is someone to awaken me’ sings the CSN/ Hollies legend, sleepwalking his way through a song about how life is so much easier to cope with from your bed when your mind and body feel sooooooo sleeeeeeeeeepy. Yup, agree with that one.

1) “I’m So Tired” (Beatles/ White Album, 1968)- Was John Lennon an undiagnosed sufferer or something? Here’s yet another song on the same theme, with the Beatle delivering that old fibro night time curse: “I can’t sleep, I can’t stop my brain, you know its three weeks, I’m going insane, I’d give you everything I got for a little peace of mind!” 

Oh well, That’s all the news for now my fellow monkeynutters...see you next time at the AAA (Album Alcoholics Anonymous!)


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