Monday 22 September 2008

News, Views and Music Issue 5 (Intro)

September 22:

What a dull week in the world of AAA groups. Absolutely nothing has happened to any group discussed on this site, well as far as I know anyway...they’ve probably all been leading really interesting lives this week and doing all sorts of exciting activities, but there haven’t been any that I’ve heard about. I can’t even comment on Macca’s ‘Jools Holland’ appearance this week, because he pulled out of it at the last minute, unannounced, something that meant I had to sit through 10 minutes of blooming Metallica just to see if Macca was really not on or they were hiding him in a cupboard for the big finale or something. (His absence wasn’t explained, but is very probably something to do with all the flak Macca’s been getting for announcing his Israel show the Israel show; to be fair, Jools’ programme is broadcast live and Macca probably agreed to do the show before the Israeli thing erupted last week — or at least, Jools’ programme is live on Tuesdays anyway. For some odd reason there’s an ‘extended’ repeat show on Fridays—how on earth can you have an extended version of something that’s live?!?) Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour will be appearing on this week’s show on Tuesday/ Friday— more on that next week.

Anniversaries this week: Craig Chacquico (Jefferson Starship 1974-86) turns 54 on the 26th and Linda McCartney (24th) would have been 67. Events of the week: the chart debut of the Beatles’ farewell LP Abbey Road in 1969, the chart debut of 10cc in 1972 when first single ‘Donna’ came out of nowhere to chart at #2 and the first week at number #1 for the Hollies’ re-issue ‘He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother’ 20 years ago this week, a staggering 19 years after the single reached #3 the first time round.  

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