Friday, 3 July 2009

News, Views and Music Issue 35 (Top Five): Things You Might Have Enjoyed Since The Last Newsletter

And now we end with our traditional top five: the top five things you might have enjoyed since the last newsletter:

1)      Watched this year’s Glastonbury. There’s usually somebody interesting at this most hip of festivals but there were no less than three AAA artists involved this year, all playing their first festivals in many years (39 in CSN’s case!) CSN were quite nervy and Nils Lofgren (playing as part of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band) didn’t get a lot to do, but Neil Young played perhaps the best set I’ve seen. Goodness knows why he insisted on playing ‘Words (Between The Lines Of Age)’ at one of the biggest gigs he’s had in years (it’s one of Neil’s biggest failures according to fans and guaranteed to annoy the faithful) but the grungemeister made up for it with no less than four false endings during a 15-minute version of ‘Rockin’ In the Free World’ and a staggering performance of the Beatles’ ‘A Day In The Life’, replacing the majestic orchestral whirl of the original with crunching guitar, bass and harmonies. Magical.

2)      Celebrated the 40th anniversary of Woodtsock a month early with the release of the new DVD set. Yes, it is out as we speak as promised in our last issue and does include the deluxe four-hour film version as well as Woodtsock Diaries and four new hoursw of footage including some from the Airplane and the Dead (the firsat time ever their footage has been shown).

3)      Celebrated the fact that CSN might be getting a decent documentary at last – we’ll let you know more next month when it’s finally out but Henry Diltz’s ‘Laurel Canyon’ documentary has been getiing rave reviews everywhere else.

4)      Celebrated the fact that Crazy Horse’s first pre-Neil Young album has finally made it to CD! Yes, the band’s only album recorded under first name ‘The Rockets’ has sneaked out quietly and doesn’t seem to have made it to the shops yet – but is available through mail order shops if you persevere. Mine’s in the post so I’ll let you know what it’s like next week! Another new release for you – Jefferson Starship – the Definitive Concert is also out on DVD for the first time dating back to 1983 and erroneously credited to the Jefferson Airplane.

5)      Oh yeah and Michael Jackson’s dead. We thought we’d better tell you because everyone else has, but don’t worry there won’t be a top five or anything about him this issue (we could only think of two good Jackson songs and they were both written by Paul McCartney).

Well that’s us done for another week – hopefully it will be a bit sooner before we see you next. Ciao for now!

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