Friday, 28 August 2009

News, Views and Music Issue 42 (Top Five): Greatest Moments From Our First Year

We had a grand total of one email about our ‘greatest moments’ over the past year, but AAA member Lizzie very kindly took a break in her busy schedule listening to ‘Deep Purple’ albums to list the, err, 5 things from this site that she could remember without having to look them up. Or four anyway, so I’ve added one of my own. And I’m ignoring the last entry too, by the way (‘’the week you were away’ – charming!)

1)      Lulubelle III (the cow on the front cover of Pink Floyd’s ‘Atom Heart Mother’ LP) writes her own review of the album (as discovered buried under a broken-down record player left in a hedge in 1971). “Because I found it weirdly mooooving and I haven’t laughed that long in ages – not since you started doing impressions of George Bush auditioning for Deep Purple”. The cow found the record a bit of a mouthful (in more ways than one if the bit of paper we discovered is in anything like the same condition) but largely came out in favour of the record. Now that we know how popular it is (well, with one person at least) expect some more cover-related reviews in the months to come (the statue on the front of ‘The Division Bell’ for instance, now there’s a chap who could tell a tale or two – just as soon as I work out what its actually doing on that cover in the first place).  news and views 18 - january 19.doc

2)      Our April First ‘TimeTravelling’ Issue. “OK So I have laughed that long – I’d forgotten about this issue. Loved the gag about the Human League. When do I get to go to Hellosphere? And what formats do they play their records on? I think we should be told”. It’s Green-Ray, Lizzie, the format we’ll get in about 15 years’ time when everything has been released on CD, DVD and Blu-Ray. This is the issue where I found out that, against all the odds given the zillions of problems we’ve had already in our first year, we’re still going strong in 25 year’s time – so strong in fact that we become the 73rd most influential website in our section of the galaxy. So that’s nice to know. news and views 1255 - april 1 2034.doc

3)      The Rick Wright tribute special. “I’ve never much liked Pink Floyd but reading this article made we wish I did. Coming so early on in the history of your website it kind of made the rest of the records you’re keeping more important somehow. It even made me try some of their records, but I still hate them I’m afraid.” Well, that’s half our goal achieved I suppose. Sadly Rick died just four issues into our website newsletters but luckily writing obituraries didn’t become as regular a feature as I’d feared – and even more luckily, Lizzie never actually got round to sending me the £2 bill she got for buying ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ from a charity shop. Darn, that’s just reminded her now... 4a newsandviewsspecial -rickwrighttribute.doc

4)      The existential Top Five. “I’m surprised how little philosophy there’s been on the site to be honest knowing you as I do – although last week’s morbid ‘Flowers In The Dirt’ review seemed to be heading that way [SIC – its actually two weeks back if you go looking for it]. This bit was hilarious and thought-provoking all at once, not to mention very very weird – three adjectives that you’ve always been something of a specialist in”. Thanks. I think. Anyway, expect more navel-gazing and needle-glinting in the issues to come.  newsandviews15 - December 8.doc

5)      Lizzie had ran out by the time she came to think of number five, so here’s my option – and there’s no link for it I’m afraid, for a very good reason. I’d come up with what seemed an absolutely amazing how-did-I-come-up-with-that? Review for the Human League’s under-rated ‘Romantic?’ album and was on the last paragraph when the computer decided to seize up and go doo-lally (well, even more doo-lally than normal). Hopefully some day I shall retrieve it, most likely to cringe in agony at how bad it is and how much my memory of it has changed over the past few months, so watch this space.

Well, that’s it. The days of future are passing overhead, the sands of time have filled Cat Stevens’ eyes and the birthday cake has all been eaten in a Godley and Creme ‘snack attack’, so it just remains for me to say thankyou for supporting the website through thick and thin, website crashes and visitor statistic highs (our record was 11 people on November 7th by the way and only one of them was me, honest) – lets’ hope the next few years are a) quite a lot quieter but b) just as full of great music as the last 12 months have been. From all of us at the AAA, keep rocking and see you on issue 43!

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