Friday, 4 September 2009

News, Views and Music Issue 43 (Top Five): Dellboy segues

And so to this week’s top five. As our regular readers or those who have been reading these newsletters in chronological order will know, we now have a shiny new laptop after our old computer finally gave up the ghost and decided to bleep mournfully whenever I tried to switch it on. During the two months or so since owning it I have now put practically every CD I have owned on it (330 hours’ worth –I know AAA readers would expect nothing less) and have been enjoying playing my whole collection on random. Now, we often said about our old computer that we thought it was human – with our new friend ‘Dell-Boy’ we’re absolutely convinced. So for this week’s top five, here are the five biggest themes/co-incidences from playing our collection at random.

1) Going to sleep to the Beatles’ ‘Goodnight’ (from ‘The White Album’ as if you didn’t know) – only to be woken up seven hours’ later by ‘What’s That You’re Doing’ by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder (from ‘Tug Of War, 1982) with the line ‘good morning...or is that good afternoon?!? And yes, I had been working late on the website the night before so it was indeed afternoon!)

2) Days of the week: Not quite in this order but within the same hour-and-a-half I heard ‘Monday Monday’ by the Mamas and Papas (from the highly recommended ‘Gold’ compilation from the now sadly defunct Woolworths), Tuesday Afternoon (by The Moody Blues, from ‘Days Of Future Passed’ 1967), She’s Leaving Home by The Beatles (from Sgt Pepper’s – with the opening line ‘Wednesday Morning at 5 o’clock as the day begins...’), Oriental Nightfish by Linda McCartney (from the ‘Wide Prairie’ compilation 1998) with its lines ‘It was a Thursday night...I was working late...’, Here Comes The Weekend (by The Moody Blues from ‘Sur La Mer’ 1988) with its lines about ‘Friday Night’, ‘I Wanna Be Around’ from Brian Wilson’s ‘Smile (which was given the bootlegger name ‘Friday Night’ for some reason), Jefferson Airplane’s ‘Saturday Afternoon’ (both the studio version on ‘After Bathing At Baxters’ 1967 and the live version from the ‘Bless It’s Little Pointed Head’ re-issue 1968) and finally Lazy Sunday by the Small Faces (from ‘Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake’ 1968). Hmm, perhaps my computer’s been studying the calendar I downloaded for her the other week?!

3)Songs of lost love/friends: I’m not joking I’ve had in order, The Hollies’ ‘I Had A Dream’ (A B-side included in the 2003 box-set ‘The Long Road Home’), ‘Rain On My Window’ (from ‘Evolution’; 1967) and ‘Down River’ (from ‘Romany’ 1972; weird enough that I should get 3 Hollies tracks in a row given that I’ve got about 125 artists on here), the Human League’s ‘Louise’ (from ‘Hysteria’ 1983), a bit of a gap and then The Moody Blues’ ‘I Know You’re Out There Somewhere’ (from ‘Sur La Mer’ 1988) and The Blue Jays’ ‘Who Are You Now?’, The Kinks’ ‘Do You Remember Walter?’ (from ‘Village Green Preservation Society’ 1968), The Beach Boys’ ‘Wendy’ (from ‘All Summer Long’ 1964), 10cc’s ‘Memories’ (from ‘10/10’, 1981), Cat Stevens/Yusuf’s ‘Everytime I Dream’) and The Beatles’ ‘Yesterday’. Weird.

4) Political songs: Neil Young’s ‘Let’s Impeach The President’ (from ‘Living With War’ 2006), CSNY’s ‘Ohio’ (a live version from Neil’s ‘Journey Through The Past Soundtrack’), Lindisfarne’s ‘Cruising To Disaster’ (from ‘Sleepless Nights’ 1982), The Beatles’ ‘Revolution’ (Past Masters Vol 2), The Rolling Stones’ ‘Street Fighting Man’ (from CD 3 of the Singles Collection – The London Years), Mr President (from a Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch compilation), Neil Young’s ‘Campaigner’ (from the ‘Decade’ compilation), 10cc’s ‘Wall Street Shuffle’ (from 1972’s ‘Sheet Music’ – bit of a stretch that one but still...), Stephen Stills’ ‘Word Game’ (Stills II, 1971) and Super Furry Animals’ ‘Presidential Suite’ (from ‘Rings Around The World’ 2001). All I can say is...where was ‘Bring On Da Lucie And Freeda People?!’

5) It’s favourite tracks, which come up every 3 hours or so (bearing in mind there’s 330-odd hours to choose from): Many things from The Byrds’ ‘Younger Than Yesterday’ album (did I ever tell you that Dell-Boy’s got good taste?!) especially ‘CTA-102’ (perhaps its the sound of electronic aliens chatting?) and ‘Thoughts And Words’ (ditto the electronic sound effects?), plus The Who’s ‘I Can See For Miles’ (like I say – good taste!) and, curiously, the Lennon Anthology rehearsal take of ‘One Day At A Time’(!)

More computer wizadry – computers allowing – next week!

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