Friday, 3 September 2010

News, Views and Music Issue 74 (Top Five): AAA Songs To Tweet To

As you might have read above, I’ve gone and shocked myself by getting into the 21st century only 10 years late by signing up to twitter (thanks for your help there, face of bo!) So to celebrate, here is a rather shortened top five this week: the best songs to ‘tweet’ to! (And no the Birdie Song isn’t there, although we did umm and aah about adding ‘anything by The Byrds!)

5) The Beatles “Ain’t She Tweet?” (Recorded 1960, Released on various sources but most commonly heard on Anthology One, 1994): This cracking early Lennon cover was recorded as part of the ‘Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers’ sessions in Hamburg and was only widely circulated after the Beatles had been a big hit back under their original name. Of course, Lennon was really wrapping his tonsils around the line ‘ain’t she tweet?’, but knowing Lennon’s love of technology and gadgets, he’d no doubt be singing our new version had he been alive today.

4) John Lennon “Surprise, Surprise (Tweet Bird Of Paradox)” (Released on ‘Walls and Bridges’, 1974): Hence this second song from Lennon’s ‘lost weekend’ period, apparently celebrating the ex-Beatle’s relationship with May Pang (although have a read of review no 62 for why we think John may still have been writing about Yoko). Lennon loved his puns – the above title should of course be ‘sweet bird of paradise’ – so we’re sure he’d have loved our pun on the word ‘sweet’. Err. We think. Well, you try and come up with five different words that sound like ‘tweet’, it’s not as easy as it looks you know, goodness me no.

3) Paul McCartney “Tweet Her Gently, Tweet Her Kind/Lonely Old People” (Released on ‘Venus and Mars’, 1975): Lennon wasn’t the only ex-Beatle getting in on the act – hence this closing medley from the ‘Venus and Tweets’, err ‘Mars’ album. This is such an uncharacteristically appalling song (see our reasons in review no 64) that we can only think that Macca must have travelled in a time machine 30 years in the future to get his ideas. And while ‘lonely old people’ aren’t really a natural demographic for following twitter ‘tweet her gently’ makes a lot more sense in context than ‘treat her gently’. And the closing line ‘Here we sit, out of breath, as nobody asked us to play’ could easily have the line ‘ we went to visit alansarchives’ twitter page’ added at the end.

2) The Beach Boys “Take Good Care Of Your Tweet, Pete” (Released on ‘Surf’s Up’, 1971): What used to be a very weird song about foot advice can now be considered a very weird song about twitter. This Al Jardine-Brian Wilson collaboration got missed out of two LPs before finally finally finding a home as the joker in the pack on the surprisingly serious ‘Surf’s Up’. After all, why pick on feet that need care, when presumably the rest of Pete does as well. Were the band training to be chiropodists or something? And having seen photos of the band in their dilapidated mid-70s period, they really haven’t got a leg to stand on as regards foot care. Take good care of your tweets, Pete, because nobody else will.

1) The Travelling Wilburys “Tweeter and the Monkeyman” (Released on “Volume One”, 1988): I honestly haven’t changed the title of this track one iota – that’s really what it’s called and seeing as it’s been around for 22 years now its probably fair to say its not about twitter either. Things become clear – sort of – when I tell you that it was written by Dylan, who wasn’t beyond making up new words when he felt like it. And no we don’t generally use Dylan songs on this list but he did have a lot of input from fellow Wilbury George Harrison, so we reckon we can just about get away with it. And does the song sound like it could be about twitter? Well, is this song really about anything at all? Evolution’s my favourite theory – and the idea that man is just an animal – but only Dylan could possibly know what this track’s really about. And I’d lay odds that he’s a bit confused by it too.

Well, that’s it for another week. Remember, if you can’t wait that long and you need to get your next fit of Alan’s Album Archives before that, view our YouTube videos, read our review on Amazon or keep up with us on twitter. Happy reading, happy rocking and see you next time!


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