Saturday, 12 November 2011

News, Views and Music Issue 122A: New Band 'Skelmersdale Heretics'

This mini-newsletter is a special one dedicated to all of those of you living in the Ormskirk-Skelmerdale area. You all have my condolences and I hope you get the chance to move out soon. In the meantime there’s one good thing to enjoy: The Heretics. No, not the Lib Dems, but a brand new patent pending super duper new band playing their own magical mix of The Hives and The Doors. I’ve had the good fortune to hear some of their songs – you can hear them too on YouTube (just have a look for ‘Skelmersdale Heretics’ and you’ll soon find them). Those of you who are regular readers to my site will know that my musical taste runs out of steam round about 1990, but when my friend Mike ‘The Face Of Bo’ has a recommendation for me I trust his musical taste enough to listen. And I’m glad I did. For a new band the Heretics sound mighty good, full of fire and intelligence and a real voodoo groove that’s all too often lacking in the modern world.

The band are made up of:

Dylan Cassin - Lead Vocals and Guitar
Mike Jones - Guitar and Backing Vocals.
Danny Nind - Bass.
Scott Wilson – Drums.

If you live nearby, check them out – there’ll be performing at The Tanner and The Polo regularly – and if you don’t live anywhere nearby then get in your car and drive there! (If you’re really lucky you’ll also get to se the famous Skelmersdale sights of people in their pyjamas at the Asda!)  The song of theirs I’ve just been grooving away to is named ‘Lollygags’ and it’s a driving rocker that thankfully has nothing to do with Lady Lollygags Gaga. I’m especially taken with all the psychedelic lighting they used on their video and pleased to see they quote 60s psychedelia as an influence – I heard quite a few overtones of Hendrix in there as well. Alan’s Album Archives wishes them well – and if you make it big in the future guys, remember we helped make you who you are!

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