Monday, 22 October 2012

News, Views and Music Issue 167 (Intro)

Hello friends! We’re here, you’re there and the world turns all around us. Like a ginormous groove inside a mammoth record player on top of a giant gramophone on the back of a terrapin. Sorry, I think my brain must be clouding over, an occupational hazard in a job that’s seen me watch Magical Mystery Tour twice in the past week (once for work, once for fun) and a review of an album that must be one of our strangest (if sweetest) yet. It’s been one of those type weeks where my mind aches (and my day breaks) and the only thing that makes any sense is this site and the music I listen to. Even if this introduction makes no sense whatsoever. We’ve now past 29,000 hits by the way {pause for a quick cheer} and reckon we’ll easily have past 30,000 by year’s end (and possibly world’s end; I haven’t forgotten the Mayans yet and nor should you, especially with our troubles in the East as I write). Talking of which I saw the headline ‘Cameron really cross with Serbia’ printed on a paper last week so I’d just like to add the headline ‘Serbia absolutely livid with David Cameron’ to keep things fair. Honestly, what is he doing apart from ‘playing’ at being prime minister?!
As normal we’re directing you to our mock newspaper for this week’s news stories (Please click on the link)...:

♫ Beatles News: ...But in the meantime look out for yet more interesting radio programmes about the fab four. Friday, October 26th sees the broadcast of ‘Magical Mystery Tour’, a sister programme to the disappointing TV Arena one about the making of the Beatles’ TV special (45 years old this Boxing Day) at 10pm. Even more interesting is what follows: ‘Paul McCartney at the BBC’, an archive special featuring Macca talking from his Beatles years to date and featuring some audio footage un-broadcast since the 1970s! This programme follows at 11pm. In the meantime BBC6 repeated their ‘Seven Days That Shook The Rock World’ programme on the Beatles break-up last week (Friday, October 19th if you want to find it on I-player) as well as the new ‘John Lennon In New York’ two-parter we mentioned last week that was broadcast at 4am last Tuesday and Wednesday.
♫ Pink Floyd News: Pink Floyd also shocked us all by obtaining the rights to Pink Floyd’s Wembley show, only recently made available on the deluxe box set version of ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’. The concert features a complete performance of that very album which was enjoying its last performance in full that very day (until the ‘Division Bell’ tour in the 1990s at least!) This will be on Saturday, October 27th at 2AM in the ‘Classic Concert’ slot.

ANNIVERSARIES: Birthday cheer this time of year goes to those AAA persons born between October 24th and 30th: Bill Wyman (bassist with the Rolling Stones 1962-89) who turns 75 on October 24th and Denny Laine (guitarist with The Moody Blues 1964-66 and Wings 1972-79) who turns 68 on October 29th. Anniversaries of events include: Paul McCartney is given a special ‘rhodium’ disc by the Guinness Book Of World Records in honour of his long list of achievements with the Beatles, Wings and solo (October 24th 1980 – the first idea of metal is rejected when someone points out how poisonous it is!), Dire Straits release their second album ‘Makin’ Movies’ (October 25th 1980); The Beatles sell out by accepting MBEs from the German-ancestor Queen Elizabeth II (October 26th 1964); A young record buyer named Raymond Jones (who may or may not be our own columnist Nelson sent back in time from the future – see this year’s April fool’s day special) asks Brian Epstein for a record by The Beatles – My Bonnie – alerting the NEMS Liverpool store manager to his future career (October 28th 1961); The Who release their break-through single ‘My Generation’ a year after being rejected by EMI (October 28th 1965); John Lennon and wife Cynthia officially divorce (October 28th 1968); ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ breaks the record for longest stay on the album top 200 when it charts for a staggering 491st week! (October 29th 1983) and finally, Hotlegs – soon to become 10cc by adding Graham Gouldmann to the line-up the following year – make their live debut supporting The Moody Blues (October 30th 1970).

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