Sunday, 20 January 2013

News, Views and Music Issue 179 (Intro)

January 23rd:

Dear all, what a shock this last week has been! We’ve lost (or seem about to lose) HMV (a shop very close to my heart), Jessops and Blockbuster and all the Government can say is isn’t it wonderful that the unemployment record is still ok (thanks, no doubt, to a ridiculous number of unnecessary sanctions to slew the figures). If HMV does go I shall be very sorry indeed – in fact there’s not much point shopping anywhere physically anymore as that’s where the majority of my presents and a good percentage of my collection reviewed on these pages have come from. Our partners Amazon are extremely valuable too, but you can’t browse the shelves of an online warehouse and a whole way of life for music collectors like us will be gone if HMV are forced to shut their doors for the final time. Things are getting desperate – and the Coalition have no answers, no patented paths to set us free (not to mention they don’t know where we want to go and it’s definitely not the same place as me; 10 points if you spot the musical reference there).

Money is tight for almost all of us at the moment (well, except for the MPs who voted for a 32% pay rise in April – and no that didn’t make the news and yes it is true). However we’ve had a couple of comments recently saying that ‘if only you had a donate button I’d give money to you’. Yes, we’re shocked as well. With the help of our IT technical advisor the Face of Bo we now have a ‘donate’ button o our Blogspot site (although we’ve had to make it a ‘help!’ button seeing as we can only legally use the word donate if we’re a charity according to Paypal) We don’t expect you to pay anything. We’re proud to offer our services for free and give something back for the great music we receive, but I had to do it when someone asked for it, if only to keep the job centre quiet. Rest in peace that our site will always be free (well in my lifetime anyway) and will always be there, somehow: it doesn’t cost much to maintain and at the moment my illness means I have nothing better to do with my time anyway. However we thought you’d better know why there was suddenly a huge button on ther site saying ‘help!’ – and no this isn’t a plug for the Beatles song!
One last point. Details are sketchy so it won’t appear in our ‘news section’ yet but word is that the long awaited Stephen Stills box set will be available in mid February to join the Crosby and Nash sets (which are now seven and five years old respectively). The set is titled ‘Carry On’ but that’s all the details we have at present – we’ll let you know more when we hear it! Meantime here are some more news stories for you, available by clicking this link:

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