Monday, 25 March 2013

News, Views and Music Issue 187 (Intro)

March 25th:

See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me. Well, write on my website’s comments section anyway. Or re-tweet my articles on Twitter. Or send Alan’s Album Archives to your friends, I don’t mind which. But please tell me you’re still there – because our stat rates have dropped off alarmingly this week and, to quote this week’s album review, it’s listening to you that I get the music. I wouldn’t exactly climb a mountain for you (not with chronic fatigue anyway) but I do see the glory in you all and it is indeed from you that I get the ‘story’.
In other stories, please let us know what you think of our new, more colourful design: it’s amazing what you can do with clipart and paint, even though it’s taken me almost a year of working with the ‘blogspot’ website to work out how to do it! Hopefully it all adds a bit of colour to the site anyway, especially down the bottom of the page where each of the recent ‘100 posts’ now has its own ‘picture’ to click on! Hopefully most of the 660 posts are done now, using clipart that I’d already used when writing these articles in ‘Word’, although the first 30 or so issues of ‘News, Views and Music’ are missing (which never had their own ‘clipart’ – and after doing the other 630 I’m too fed up with it to go back and add in my own!

Away from my website, I’d just like to give the Coalition a big round of applause for having the audacity to change the law on workfare, making a horribly illegal system legal retroactively and having the sheer incredulity to rope rivals Labour into their scheme too. For those who don’t know and haven’t read our earlier issues two people forced to work for free for 30 hours in Poundland stores successfully challenged the idea in court because before this week it was illegal to force someone to work at the risk of losing their benefits and leaving them without money to live on (after all, shops like Poundland didn’t have to hire a member of staff for those four months because they had work for ‘free’ – and that means one person unemployed at a time when job opportunities are seriously scarce). The next time I want to do something that’s illegal and can’t because it’s against the law I shall petition to have it changed because if boo-hooing MPs who’ve seen someone stand up to their stupid schemes can do it then so should the rest of us. Honestly! Anyway making this scheme retrospectively legal doesn’t make it any less immoral, so we at the AAA will continue to petition for fairness and equality and a better time for all.
Oh yes, there are two new shiny AAA releases out at the end of this month, the Stephen Stills box set ‘Carry on’ (in the same line as 2006’s Crosby set ‘Voyage’ and the 2009 Nash set ‘Reflections’) and The Moody Blues’ Justin Hayward’s first solo record in a decade, so hopefully you can expect reviews of those on this site sometime soon (we haven’t had a new AAA album to review since the Pink Floyd boxes early last year so that will be a change!) That’s about all the news we can think of for another week, so it’s goodbye for now with a reminder that you can view this week’s AAA-related stories by clicking on the following link:

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