Monday, 22 April 2013

News, Views and Music Issue 190 (Intro)

Dear all, we’re back! Well, sort of! As those of you who’ve read the past few newsletters of follow me on Twitter will know, my computer’s not been a happy bunny recently. Thankfully I’ve managed to fix her so that I can still write on here but she is still, if not miserable, then down-in-the-dumps. I still haven’t got internet access directly so I can only post these newsletters at the local library, where running speeds are slower than the tempo of a Dido single, intermittently and without access to the clipart pictures and paint that we were using to spruce the site up a bit. Also, I can post the ‘links’ to all our other relevant articles at the end of each post, still, but the links themselves don’t work (simply scroll down to the bottom of the site, though, and you’ll see plenty of links that all still work!) Sadly, too, the connection is so iffy that posting these articles can take an age, so please forgive any problems with the paragraphing that make them hard to read. I do, however, have internet access on my new phone – although even that seems to be intermittent! – so at least I can go back to properly researching these columns and having full access to the lyrics (the next two articles I have waiting might be slightly less than 100% because of all these problems but, heck, we still think they’re good). We’ll keep you posted as to our posts but in the meantime please copy this link into your browser if you want to see the AAA news stories of the week.

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