Monday, 21 April 2014

AAA Anagrams (News, Views and Music Issue 241 Top Ten)

Hello dear readers - or should I say 'Lehlo'? Yes this week's 'top ten' has been produced using the very wonderful 'anagram' software at Seniug I'm sure you'll agree! To my amazement most of  the AAA stars had already been entered without me - so full kudos to the anagrammers who found the following ten AAA phrases. If you've found one that's suitable, why not send it into our comments page?:

1) "Dire Straits" = "Red Satirist" / "A Star Is Tired" 

Well, 'The Man's Too Strong' is indeed quite a communist song - and Mark Knopfler was indeed 'tired' of the group by 1993!

2) "The late John Lennon, Sir Paul McCartney, the late George Harrison, and Ringo Starr" = " In long careers, they all once sang major hits in a rather talented Northern group"

Fancy taking the time to put this sentence into the anagram machine - and what a great, apt result! 

3) "The late George Harrison" = "Singer, Altogether A Hero"

*sniff* Never a truer anagram spoken!

4) "Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett of Pink Floyd" = "King of freaky red-hot Brit LSD poetry"

Amazingly there are mo decent anagrams of 'Pink Floyd' - but check out how spot on this anagram of Syd Barrett's full name is!

5) "'The American psychedelic group 'The Grateful Dead'' = "Dopehead trance music...duly get a real perfect high"

We thought there might be a 'Dead' anagram somehow - after all thus is band who named their third album 'Aoxomoxoa' because they liked the symmetry of the letters! The result is like, umm, really eerie man! 

6) "The Moody Blues" = "Embody The Soul" 

Sweet! And yes Moody music does indeed 'embody the soul'!

7) "The Rolling Stones" = "Get No Shrill Notes" 

I can't get no shrill notes from the Stones either - and I try, I try, I try...

8) "Simon and Garfunkel" = "Engulf anorak minds" / "A kinder, manful song"

Two nice ones here for the same duo. My anorak mind has indeed been engulfed by the observation and wit of Simon's songs and Garfunkel's beautiful voice and has there ever been a more 'kindful, manful' song than 'The Boxer'?!

9) "Otis Redding" = "So dig it nerd"

Enough said - all nerds should dig Otis Redding

10) "The Spice Girls" = "Crisis! Get Help!"

Yes they had to be in there somewhere - and no I didn't come up with this one, honest! All I can say is, names say a lot about you (especially when you're a no-talent band peddling girl power despite being manufactured by a middle aged male manager and featuring kung-fu kicks on tramps)

Inspired by that list, I wanted to come up with a similarly suitable phrase for 'Alan's Album Archives'. Shockingly, there are thousands. I would list them all but we'll be here all day so instead I've whittled it down to a 'top twelve':

Alan's Album Archives =

1) Valuable Cash In Mars

Well, I always thought it was the planet 'Zigorous 3' where the Clandusprods live - but if the inhabitants of Mars want to spend their money on Alan's Album Archives subscriptions in the future that's fine by me!

2) Man! Lavish Useable Car

Well, we've arguably written enough pages for you to print out and build a lavish car, though whether it's actually useable or not I wouldn't like to say...

3) Resin Balaclavas Hum

They certainly do - and let that be a warning to you!

4) Human Bass Via Cellar

Is that so he can reach the 'low notes' better?

5) Crumbs! Halve An Alias!

Crumbs! What's the other halve then?!

6) A Cavalier Man's Blush!

Yes, every cavalier man should blush when we tell you what David Cameron and his moany cronies have been up to...

7) A Much Save-All Brains!

Yes that's right - we write stuff down so you don't have to remember it! Although you do have to remember what the site is and what you were reading I suppose...

8) A Lavish Man's Ace Blur

Well, our site has been described as both 'ace' and 'lavish' in the past - and my fingers are a blur when I'm typing!

9) An Allah's Brave Music

Oo-err, controversial stuff here! These AAA albums certainly count as 'brave' music in my eyes, though, whatever the name your God goes by

10) All Humane Bass Vicar

What's with all the religious motifs on this list?! Any self-respecting vicar should be humane - and play bass in a rock and roll band, that's all we're saying...

11) Am An Ear's Lavish Club

Yes! That's it! Alan's Album Archives is a club for lavish ears - hello fellow club members!

12) Lavish - An Album Cares!

What can be more lavish than a site that's now five times longer than 'War and Peace'?! And yes we do care about our albums!

And that's it for another week! Eybdoog for now - join us next issue for more snew, sweiv and sicum!

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