Sunday 31 January 2016

No Review This Week - Sorry!

Well, dear readers and AAA breathren, it had to happen eventually I suppose.

After nearly eight years of adventures in time and space and in stereo, unforeseen circumstances mean we've run out of our backlog of reviews to post and we don't have one for you this week. Sorry!

There's also a bit of a delay getting our intended tributes to recently departed heroes Paul Kantner and Signe Anderson (both Jefferson Airplaners), something which I intend to put right as soon as I can look at a computer screen without seeing double.

We hope you'll understand. After all, there are some 1000 odd back issues to read and you can't have read all of them surely?!

There is at least more from our continued adventures of John and Yoko this week - luckily I'm a bit further ahead with those posts!

Take care dear readers and see you all again next week (hopefully!) 8>)

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