Monday, 11 July 2016

Alan's Album Archives Crossword #2!

It's here! The Alan's Album Archives puzzle none of you have probably been waiting for, but which might fill in time in between reviews and/or the next Neil Young album comes out (get a move on Neil, it's been - what - a whole month now since the last one?) Some of our older readers may well remember it from the last time four or five years ago, but as we've written the equivalent of at least four editions of War and Peace since then we thought it was time we revised expanded and exfoliated it with (slightly) easier clues and (hopefully) more chance of someone actually completing it this time around. Sadly this link won't be around forever so catch it while you can! And please no cross words for our cross word - it's only a bit of fun and if you get really stuck you can always cheat by looking at the answer page listed at the bottom. Let us know if you want another puzzle and what form you want it to take. Good luck! (Questions) (Answers)

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