Sunday 27 November 2022

Kindred Spirits - Ensconce

 The fourth (stand-alone) volume of Kindred Spirits is now available!

Life isn't easy when you're 10. Especially when you're an orphan on a new planet with alien classmates, a psychopathic teacher, the intergalactic space olympics is taking place for the first time and the universe is addicted to the red weed that killed your family.

Swallows and Amazons. With eleven species unsupervised in interstellar space.
A hundred years on from ‘Province’ and peace feels much easier. Even The Agrosians have become less aggressive. Well, slightly. The discovery of red weed, a new substance mined from all eleven inhabited planets, by unscrupulous adults spells bad news though – for the universe in general but specifically for the group of eleven children who have been sent to a new international school on Orpheus. They all seem to have something wrong with them, but not everything was meant to be cured and some things can never be, certainly not with red weed. New girl Robin fears her dyspraxia will stop her getting any friends, but when her friends are an introvert invertebrate Camalosian who never speaks, an insecure Belobrat, a cynical Habridat, a Glabdiharbit with multiple phobias, a Doosbury Giant with an eating disorder, a polite Agrosian, a co-dependent Clandusprod, an unbeliever Mrasianart, a Maggrumph bully and a Mekkion who keeps blowing emotional fuses she feels less out of place than she did on Earth. Though their teachers want to keep them enclosed in their Great Hall the children want to explore the universe, starting with the first ever International Games that’s just taking place on Decreeta. Will the children learn to get along? Can they trust any of the adults who seem to get stranger every day? Who will listen to them if they can find out what’s going on? Will they survive corruption, shuttle-flights, ice planets, burning buildings, bombs, pyramid sellers, Doosbury Operas, their own teachers and the scariness of approaching adulthood in one piece? More than just another novel, ‘Ensconce’ is yet another mad house, a love song to childhood and the hope that one day if adults actually stopped moaning and listened to their off-spring then it might just save us all.

Available to buy on all planets as a paperback or an e-book

Plus which alien are you? Agrosian, Belobrat, Camalosian, Clandusprod, Doosbury Giant, Habridat, Magrumph, Mekkion or Mrasianart?Take our quiz here


  1. Couldn’t find email - Ref an old Searchers post -
    Cherry Stones : Tony Hatch? incorrectly listed a “J Jerome” as songwriter and not the Addrisi brothers Richard & Don who wrote the song -
    Georgia Gibbs and Bob Crosby recorded John Jerome’s version in 1950… A quick listen will tell you the song is not the Addrisi-Searchers version -

    1. Just found this. Thankyou for the links, I think you're right!