Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Hello! A much belated Introduction for News, Views and Music 196

Dear AAA readers,

What with one thing and another (as you’ll be hearing about) I haven’t had the chance to write to you ‘directly’ for a while.

Various things have got in the way – my computer is a lot happier now but still doesn’t have internet access. I do have a shiny new phone that can reach the internet (as you may have read in our ‘top five AAA apps’ feature) – but I can’t post my articles on it without going to the library and logging on there. Luckily I’m quite far ahead of myself at the moment (four issues in hand or thereabouts) so I don’t have to visit it that often. However its been difficult trying to write my usual ‘introductions’ for you each week because by the time I come round to posting them they’re always out of date!

My other problem is that – as you’ve probably noticed – its ridiculously hard to put paragraphs back into my text when I post them at the library. Don’t ask me why –its something to do with some timey wimey nexus point in time (or the fact that the library computers are nearly 15 years old and work in their own time streams) and I try to put them right as best I can but, flipping heck its time consuming (in many cases it takes longer than writing the articles themselves!)

You’ll be pleased to know I’m saving up for yet another new computer come August sometime (this will be the fourth in the history of writing this website!) so hopefully things will get back to normal then.

In the meantime, I shall be away for two weeks in mid July and due to chronic fatigue woes will probably not feel up to doing much for a week or so after. Thankfully a writing spurt means that I have enough articles to cover this gap, however I might be a bit slow replying to any of your messages or adding you to mailing lists or whatever, so my apologies in advance – I promise to be up to speed by the first week in August!

Sadly my chronic fatigue is having another nasty spell, with a back that now screams in agony every time I move and that wakes me up at least three times every night. At the moment writing these articles is my saving grace by giving me something else to think about. However, if it gets any worse I may have to slow my work rate down a little (how many times have I said that down the years, eh?!) It’s only fair to warn you all though!

Finally, we’ve hit a bit of a snag in our attempts to bring you an Alan’s Album Archives app. You can get the prototype model – for what it’s worth – for free from's%20Album%20Archives,%20News,%20Views%20and%20Music%20Reviews/ However, at the moment it only gives you the main pages for our two websites ( and and our attempts to add other juicy extras (our Youtube videos, my own music via Soundcloud and an exclusive page) have come to naught. I don’t quite understand why yet – they all work fine on our ‘preview’ page but won’t load on my phone or any of my friends kind/annoyed enough to try it. We’ll keep trying, but it looks as if this might be the end of the road for that idea, folks.

One other idea we’ve had to bring us better recognition for this website is an Alan’s Album Archives internet radio station. I’m currently enjoying lots of stations on my phone dedicated to one artist (dead net and Macca radio are well worth seeking out by the way!) and a broadcasting license costs only £200 a year, which may be worth it if it helps get more people visiting this site. Our plan is only tentative at the moment, but we’re thinking of having an hourly discussion of a particular album (basically me reading the text from the site) interspersed with the relevant tracks and repeated twice a day for a week, with the other 20 hours made u[p of random gems from the AAA groups. What do you think? Let us know if you’d listen – or if the thought of hearing my dulcet tones waffling at you would put you off radio listening for life!

Anyway, keep talking to us – I do read all your comments even if I don’t understand all of them (what was that joke about the hermit crab again – and what did it have to do with Paul McCartney?!) and you can always speak to me direct at Twitter (I’m alansarchives) or on our facebook group if you so wish.

In the meantime, happy 700th article to us a few issues back (we’ll celebrate properly once the internet is fully back), thankyou for reading us up till now, hello to our old friends around the world (especially in Sweden where the hits have gone sky high!), hello to our old friends (especially in Poland, which has zoomed into 8th place in the past month from a slow start!) and much love and respect to you all.
Till the next time I get a chance to talk, this is Alan’s Album Archives over and out!

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