Monday 10 May 2021

Kindred Spirits - Endurance

Dear readers, as you all know by now Alan's Album Archives was put to bed last year after 12 years, 32 e-books and nearly 1300 blog posts. After all that lot its probably fair to say I am about written out when it comes to music. So I have been busy with a new task, writing a series of novels (possibly a quintet if I get that far!) 

This series isn't strictly related to my music books at all, but it might interest some of you given that there is quite a lot of crossover. After all, this book is about what it means to be human, something touched on somewhere in almost every album covered on this site The first volume is now up and might be of interest to anyone who wants to see what happens to the human race in the future and might be of particular interest to those of you who have enjoyed our April Fool's Day posts, as many of the same alien races from the future appear again (Camalosians, Clandusprods, Belobrats, Doosbury Giants, Glabdihardits, Habridats, Maggrumphs, Mekkions, Mrasianarts). There are naturally more than a few musical references in there too (though far more in the second book 'Insurgence' - we'll keep you posted when that one's out). For once I've even bee able to publish it as a physical copy in paperback in edition to an e-book, after years of struggling to get Amazon Kindle KDP to accept any of my music books in that format (I'm still trying folks, honest!) I've also entered it into the #kindlestorytelingcontest2021 if anyone enjoys it enough to give me a bit of a boost there. More to come later in the year!

Anyway for anyone whose interested you can take our 'which alien race are you quiz?' at the AAA sister site here or buy the book in paperback here or in kindle format here  Thankyou dear readers, always! 

Oh and remember to go your way as explorers, not pirates...