Tuesday 2 November 2021

Kindred Spirits - Insurgence


Dear readers, 'Insurgence' - the second instalment of 'Kindred Spirits' - is now out in paperback and e-book format. A hundred years after the events of ‘Endurance’ (still available folks!) and the ten intelligent species in the known galaxy all know and respect each other – but some of those in charge on those ten planets are having a hard time accepting this brave new world and are still caught up in their petty global affairs. When just existing is enough to start an act of rebellion, being an off-worlder playing in a peace orchestra seems to be enough to start a revolution. That’s what worries the Mrasianart authorities, who turn the deep-thinking world of Mras on its head with petty fears and injustices through their glorified telepathical internet, ‘the universal’. Eleanor’s long journey across the galaxy from Earth to her new home is far more exciting than she ever expected, full as it is with love for a local, violence, cultural tests, exams, knitting Clandusprods, corruptible Belobrat peace delegates and giving birth to the universe’s first Humrasian. Together the Peace Orchestra find themselves socking it to the man – or in this case one particular alien – in a desperate fight to avoid deportation or worse. It’s all quite an adventure – one she isn’t sure she wants to take after what happened to her back home but which leaves her never quite the same simple human again. ‘Insurgence’ is, like prequel ‘Endurance’, another mad house, a love song to the art of music this time and a hope that one day it might just save us all. Includes extracts from the Intergalactic Song Contest and the 23rd century hit 'We Are All One Universe And We're Only Several Billion Light Years Apart'. A big thankyou to all of you who got in touch to say how much you enjoyed the first volume. Oh and if you haven't done it yet then check out our sister site at  Kindred Spirits (kindredspiritbooks.blogspot.com) where you can take part in our quiz to find out which alien is most like you. Watch out for Volume Three ('Province') sometime in 2022, time machines permitting. If you're just here for the music then don't worry - the annual AAA review of the year will be here as usual sometime in December. See you then!

Available now in paperback or e-book formats by clicking here