Monday, 9 March 2009

News, Views and Music Issue 24 (Intro)

March 9:

Hellloooooo to you all and welcome to another slice of your favourite weird and wonderful weekly newsletter devoted to AAA artistes. As you might have noticed, we’ve added a ‘puzzle page’ to the website and hope to bring you lots of quizzes and things in the months to come. For those of you who are already giving us ‘cross words’, we have included the solutions in print form along with each puzzle – though for some reason the links don’t seem to work on all computers so apologies if your computer happens to be one of those that takes one look at the links and has a nervous breakdown. Feel free to submit your own, although alas we can’t offer any prizes – unless of course you count being named in these pages as an AAA clever clogs. We’ll notify you in these newsletters every time we add a puzzle. We forgot to mention last week that we had also added a new section of short stories. These aren’t related to music, but we’ve got nowhere else to put them and thought you might like them – and even if you don’t, they’re there all the same! A trhird and final piece of website news this week – we’ve added our link to up-and-coming website fanpop. Basically the idea is that anyone can write anything they like about any group of any era and make quizzes and swap photographs and videos and stuff. It’s well worth checking out if you haven’t already (or, indeed, if you haven’t already visited us from that link – hello to you all!) – be sure to give us a rating of five stars on your way out!

Beach Boys News: Alas I haven’t bought it yet so I’m not eligible, but those of you who own Brian Wilson’s latest DVD ‘That Lucky Old Sun’ are invited to take part in a great competition at  Brian’s official website are offering a goody bag full of Brian-related and Brian-signed prizes to the person who can answer the most questions about the DVD correctly. If you happen to win, remember where you read this news and send us in a t-shirt or a surfboard or two! (Only kidding, have them framed instead and send us a picture!)

Beatles News: Paul and Ringo are getting back together! Well, sort of – the two are playing the same charity gig in New York on April 6th and rumour has it the two former moptops might play a few songs together. This would be the first time the two Beatles have worked together since the George Harrison memorial concert in 2002 – and would, amazingly, be only the second time the two Beatles have played together on stage (they’ve met up lots of times in the studio though!) More news if and when we hear it!

Lindisfarne News: It’s getting nearer to J-day! Just in case you haven’t read the last couple of newsletters, Lindisfarne spin-off Jack the Lad’s fourth and final album ‘Jackpot’ will be securing its first CD release on March 23rd. A review should be coming your way sometime in April!

Monkees News: Sad news I’m afraid. Peter Tork announced on his official website on Tuesday that he was suffering from a rare form of cancer of the head and neck. He’s been suffering for a while apparently but has only just released the news. Luckily the prognosis is good – Peter underwent surgery this week in New York which seems to have been a success and prevented the cancer from spreading. After a short rest he is due to start radiation treatment for it – more news to follow if and when we hear it. It goes without saying that all of us at the AAA wish Peter a happy and speedy recovery and hope he’ll up to more monkee business soon.

Who News: The Who look like they will sell out of copies of ‘The Who Sell Out’ on release day, given the amount of fuss the album seems to be causing in several music papers. The release day is March 16th by the way so you’ve just got time to start queuing outside HMV and ensure you get a copy! Alas, there are no free tins of beans, John Mason Cars or even rotosound strings to go with the CD!

Anniversaries: Hippo Birthdays this week go to Phil Lesh (bass player with the Grateful Dead 1965-95) who turns 69 on March 15th, Mike Love (singer with the Beach Boys 1961-present day) who turns 68 on the same day and AAA reader Lizzie Carnogan who turns 27 on the same day yet again. Many happy returns and CD-shaped presents to all. Anniversaries of events this week include: The Blue Jays (Justin Hayward and John Lodge) attend the playback of their spin-off album of the same name with nearly 3000 fans in a rather prestigious setting - Carnegie Hall! (March 10th 1975), Neil Young enjoys having a #1 album in both the US and UK (‘Harvest’, March 11th 1971) and Paul and Linda McCartney got married at Marleybone Registry Office 40 years ago this week (March 12th  1969).

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