Monday, 27 December 2010

News, Views and Music Issue 85 (Intro)

In This issue...Crimble Maybe? The Beatle’s Christmas Fanclub discs are analysed, there’s yet another coalition diatribe and our top five is suitably festivised
December 27:

Hello and welcome to the last issue of your favourite Monkeynuts newsletter for 2010. What a year it’s been, dear readers – 12 months ago all of John Lennon’s CDs risked going off catalogue, the Spice Girls looked set for a reunion which thankfully came to naught and Nick Clegg and David Cameron were still vaguely popular! How times change. In other news, I’m very proud of my new website widget (found on our forum page) which allows you to hear a 30-second burst of each of our ‘gold song award’ tracks (as mentioned a couple of newsletters ago). We’re hoping to add a lot more of these in the new year, linking to each week’s review and top five so look out for those sometime soon! And we end the year with our biggest rise in website hits to date: a massive 72 people visited the site yesterday alone and we are now hovering around the 3400 mark! Yes we’ve said it before, we’ll probably say it again several times in 2011, but things are really taking off here at the AAA!


Beatles News: Well, it wasnt quite the Beatles bonanza we expected a few weeks ago but two Beatles singles did indeed make it into the top 40 last week (depending what chart you use) thanks to the recent deal allowing the fab fours songs to be downloaded legally for the first time. Depending which chart you believe more, Let It Be got to #38 and Hey Jude #40, or Let It Be, only, got to #40.

In other words, Paul McCartney has played a special one-off Christmas show to his smallest audience for a decade or so (300-500 people, depending which report you read!) The Club 100 is due to close for good sometime soon but Macca put in a special plea during his set to save it, because in his words there arent many intimate venues like this one left.

Pink Floyd News: You may have read that Charlie Gilmour, David’s adopted son, got into a bit of trouble for taking part in the student riots and hanging from a first world war memorial. Our old friends The Daily Mail have got themselves into a bit of a hoo-hah about all this, saying that someone as supposedly ‘rich’ and ‘privileged’ should know better. So let’s put this in context shall we?: Pink Floyd made their names fighting inconceivably stupid injustices such as, well, expecting innocent students to fork out a record amount for cut services, as passed last week by the Mail’s beloved coalition government (and no, spell check, I don’t want to give Government a capital ‘G’ in this case – this minor cabinet doesn’t deserve one). Add in the fact that the first world war was fought to protect our citizens from corrupt governments making dodgy alliances with one another (though to be fair he’d have more of a point hanging from a second world war memorial), the fact that no damage was done and suddenly Gilmour junior’s actions don’t look that bad do they? Whereas the coalition government’s, on the other hand, look obscene...


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