Saturday 19 May 2012

News, Views and Music Issue 144 (Intro)

May 19th:

Dear all, this week has been beyond my wildest dreams! At last we collectors have a fine set of BBC recordings to go alongside the classic sets by The Beatles, Kinks, Who and Animals, it seems only a matter of time before David Cameron is kicked out of the UK’s coalition (conservative MPs are busy drawing up signatures for a ‘crisis in confidence’ poll as we speak) and I have a bona fide fan. Well, some one made some nice comments on a Lindisfarne forum anyway – many thanks for the plug Derek if you’re still reading these newsletters and I’m just sorry I didn’t find the comment earlier! By the way, now that the Shorty Awards are over for another year (see news and views 129 – we got three votes, all in different categories sadly so we didn’t win anything!) we’ve replaced that box on our site with a ‘press releasers’ one. We’re having a bit of teething trouble with it at the moment, but in theory if our site is mentioned on another site it should appear on the list – please notify us at the usual email address ( if you’ve heard about us on a site that we might have missed! I’m sure this run of luck can’t last – I’m still waiting for the next dreaded ATOS form which seems to be overdue and there’s another pointless job centre appointment and hospital appointment next week where the last lot tell me to work less and the first lot tell me to work harder – but that’s another week. For the moment the sun is shining, the Byrds are singing and our site is roaring past 17,000 views (17414 at the last count!) See you next issue!


Lindisfarne News: Alan Hull played at Newcastle City Hall an impressive 120 times during his short life, both with Lindisfarne and with any number of solo and off-shoot bands. As Newcastles favourite musical sons, the City Hall has votes to have a plaque to commemorate the life of this great songwriter on July 19th, when a street concert will be held featuring friends, family and bandmates. The event will mark 17 years since the singers tragic death at the age of 50 and is long overdue!

Lulu News: The singer will be the next guest on Piers Morgans Life Show on ITV this Friday, May 18th. Some TV listings (eg mine) had her down as guest last week where she was mysteriously replaced by Dennis Waterman not the most fitting substitute for Lulu, even if they both do a lot of shouting! I have new respect for Morgan since his surprisingly supportive and heartfelt programme on Davy Jones death where he got the most out of a visibly upset Micky Dolenz and actually stopped talking for once lets hop the same is true for this series after some pretty lame interviewing techniques in his first series!

Paul Simon News: Sweden doesnt give out many music awards in fact its main honour, The Polar Prize, is only awarded twice a year once to a pop and once to a classical performer. This year Paul Simons been chosen to receive the prize, worth a cool £91,000, in a ceremony on August 28th this year. Interestingly Yo Yo Ma is the recipient of the classical award this year never have the lines between pop and classical music been more thinly drawn (I cant wait for the year Paul McCartney wins both!)

ANNIVERSARIES: Birthdays this week are for those AAA stars born between May 16th and 22nd: Pete Townshend (guitarist with The Who 1965-82 and various reunions) turns 67 on May 19th. Anniversaries of events include: Pete Townshend will have bad memories of a who gig at the Fillmore East – tired of seeing fans climbing onto the stage, Pete kicks one off during the middle of the set only to find out it is a policeman! He spends a night in prison on assault charges (May 16th 1969); The Beatles headline their first ever concert in the exotic location of Slough following the success of ‘Please Please Me’ during a Helen Shapiro tour (May 18th 1963); Dire Straits release their debut single ‘Sultans Of Swing’ (May 19th 1979); Three Beatles get back together for an impromptu jam session to celebrate Eric Clapton’s wedding to George Harrison’s ex Patti Boyd, the first time more than two moptops have been seen in public since 1970 (May 19th 1979); The BBC bans a Beatles track for the first time – no, not the drugs-referenced ‘Happiness Is A Warm Gun’ or the subversive ‘Revolution’ but ‘A Day In The Life’ (and its not even the ‘love to turn you on’ postscript but the line about ‘4000 holes’ relating to drug injections) (May 20th 1967), Our AAA classic no 50 – the first Stephen Stills/Manassas album – is released (May 20th 1972), two important dates for The Who on May 21st : 1965 sees the release of second single ‘Anyway Anyhow Anywhere’ and the band’s first appearance on Ready Steady Go, the TV show that will become synonymous with the group (1965) while Pete Townshend marries first wife Karen Astley in 1968 and finally, the first – of many – posthumous CSNY releases, the live record ‘4 Way Street’ is released (May 22nd 1971).

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