Monday 1 May 2023

Kindred Spirits - Abundance plus Convergence!


 'Abundance', the 5th (standalone) volume in the 'Kindred Spirits' series is now for sale! 

 Space comes in fifty shades of black. Twelve aliens, six couples, one dating service and one reality TV series both in desperate trouble.

Buster the Belobrat thinks he knows about true love so can’t understand why viewers are leaving his new reality TV show ‘Love Planet’ in droves. Nova the head of the Human branch of the Intergalactic Dating agency knows exactly where he’s been going wrong and sets out to teach him using six examples from her company’s history; six couples made up of the twelve species that exist in the known universe: An argibraffe pet who falls in love with a Spice Girls tribute singer in a tale of treachery, deceit and sleeping Habridats. A Camalosian actor in a long running science fiction series who falls in love for his maggrumph colleague while both run up and down corridors with everyone’s favourite Time Rodent. An Agrosian and a Belobrat who are meant to be signing their divorce papers but who end up with several second chances instead. A clumsy Clandusprod and a faulty Mekkion who start long distance and end up as close as any couple can be. The voyages of ensigns Yoko Glabdihardit and Hamish Habridat, new trainees on the Well Fed-eration’s mission to boldly track down recipes where nobody has tracked them before. A Mrasianart ‘Medium’ who deals in futures and his ‘Extra Large’ Doosbury Giant friend who lives for the present, where neither of them want to remember their past. But is Buster all that he seems? For that matter is Nova? And why are there two pages of sponsorship advertisements?!? This collection of six short stories makes a date with twelve of these beings and how love changed all their lives – and in the Doosbury Giants’ case their lunches - forever. For what could be more universal in such a varied universe than love? More than just another collection of short stories, ‘Abundance’ is yet another mad house, a love song to love and the lengths that the universe goes to in order to put the right people together at the right time and that might yet save us all.

Available to buy on all planets as a paperback or an ebook

Missed the first four volumes? then why not buy them all together in one handy guide to all the flash-points of saving the universe over the next 500 years with 'Convergence' 

A collection of the first five volumes of the 'Kindred Spriits' series, covering 500 years of a future where the Human race has made intergalactic contact with eleven types of very different alien: the aggressive Agrosians, the pet-like Argibraffes, the bossy Belobrats, the erudite Camalosians, the friendly Clandusprods, the hungry Doosbury Giants, the scared Glabdihardits, the relaxed Habridats, the brusque Maggrumphs, the technology driven Mekkions  and the spiritual Mrasianarts. In a universe this complicated how can peace ever be simple?

The stories include:
Endurance - Romeo and Juliet with Clandusprods. Only she's already dead - and he's dying. How can the universe survive the first brush of intergalactic catastrophe when the couple who were fated to save it can never be together?

Insurgence - Earthling Eleanor moves to Mras to start a new life and finds a new love and a new purpose, especially when she has a son. But when just existing is enough to start an act of rebellion, being an off-worlder playing in an intergalactic peace orchestra is enough to start a revolution and soon her life and those that she loves are in danger.  

Province - A hundred years on and Eleron is all grown up and the leader of the Intergalactic Peace Organisation. He's found happiness at last: he has the perfect wife, the perfect job and lives in a near-perfect universe. Until some furry red aliens from the other side of the universe arrive and turn his world upside down, testing his belief in diplomacy and trust to the limit. Can a rush around a fragmenting universe stop the invaders in time?

Ensconce - Life isn't easy when you're ten and transported to an alien orphanage. It's even harder when your teacher's a Maggrumph with a short fuse, your headmaster has three heads and the adults are using you as a test subject for their new invention: red weed. Will the eleven alien children and their pet argibraffe survive to adulthood in one piece?

Abundance - Twelve aliens, six couples, an intergalactic dating service and a reality TV series in desperate trouble lead to half a dozen very different stories that are all about the one thing in the universe that's truly universal: love.

Available to buy on all planets as an e-book (it's too big for a paperback!) 

Plus which alien are you? Agrosian, Belobrat, Camalosian, Clandusprod, Doosbury Giant, Habridat, Magrumph, Mekkion or Mrasianart?Take our quiz here

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