Sunday 27 May 2012


1)      The Beatles “With The Beatles” (11/1963)

2)      The Beatles “A Hard Day’s Night” (7/1964)

3)      The Beatles “Help!” (8/1965)

4)      Otis Redding “Otis Blue” (9/1965)

5)      The Searchers “Take Me For What I’m Worth” (12/1965)

6)      The Beatles “Revolver” (8/1966)

7)      Simon and Garfunkel “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme” (10/1966)

8)      The Kinks “Face To Face” (11/1966)

9)      Rolling Stones “Between The Buttons” (1/1967)

10)  The Monkees “Headquarters” (6/1967)

11)  The Hollies “Evolution” (6/1967)

12)  Small Faces “Small Faces” (1st immediate album) (7/1967)

13)  Pink Floyd “Piper At the Gates Of Dawn” (10/1967)

14)  The Hollies “Butterfly” (10/1967)

15)  Jefferson Airplane “After Bathing At Baxters” (11/1967)

16)  Rolling Stones “Their Satanic Majesties Request” (12/1967)

17)  The Who “Sell Out” (12/1967)

18)  Buffalo SpringfieldBuffalo Springfield Again” (12/1967)

19)  The Monkees “Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn and Jones+ Ltd” (1/1968)

20)  The Byrds “The Notorious Byrd Brothers” (1/1968)

21)  The Beach Boys “Friends” (6/1968)

22)  The Moody Blues “In Search Of The Lost Chord” (7/1968)

23)  Grateful Dead “Anthem Of The Sun” (7/1968)

24)  Big Brother and the Holding Company featuring Janis Joplin “Cheap Thrills” (7/1968)

25)  The Beatles “The Beatles” aka “The White Album” (11/1968)

26)  Rolling Stones “Beggars Banquet” (12/1968)

27)  The Monkees “Head” (12/1968)

28)  Small Faces “Autumn Stone” (3/1969)

29)  Crosby, Stills and Nash “Crosby, Stills and Nash” (6/1969)

30)  The Kinks “Arthur” (10/1969)

31)  Pentangle “Basket Of Light” (10/1969)

32)  The Moody Blues “To Our Children’s Children’s Children” (11/1969)

33)  The Who “Live At Leeds” (5/1970)

34)  Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young “De Ja Vu” (5/1970)

35)  Cat Stevens “Mona Bone Jakon” (7/1970)

36)  The Beach Boys “Sunflower” (8/1970)

37)  Lindisfarne “Nicely Out Of Tune” (9/1970)

38)  The Byrds “Untitled” (9/1970)

39)  The Hollies “Confessions Of The Mind” (11/1970)

40)  Grateful Dead “American Beauty” (11/1970)

41)  Cat Stevens “Tea For The Tillerman” (11/1970)

42)  George Harrison “All Things Must Pass” (11/1970)

43)  John Lennon “Plastic Ono Band” (12/1970)

44)  Paul Kantner/Jefferson Starship “Blows Against The Empire” (1/1971)

45)  David Crosby “If I Could Only Remember My Name” (2/1971)

46)  Graham Nash “Songs For Beginners” (5/1971)

47)  Paul and Linda McCartney “Ram” (5/1971)

48)  Stephen Stills “Stephen Stills 2” (6/1971)

49)  The Moody Blues “Every Good Boy Deserves Favour” (7/1971)

50)  Pink Floyd “Meddle” (11/1971)

51)  Stephen Stills/Manassas “Manassas” (4/1972)

52)  The Hollies “Romany” (11/1972)

53)  The Moody Blues “Seventh Sojourn” (11/1972)

54)  Yoko Ono “Approximately Infinite Universe” (1/1973)

55)  The Beach Boys “Holland” (1/1973)

56)  Paul Simon “There Goes Rhymin’ Simon” (5/1973)

57)  Allan Clarke “Headroom” (7/1973)

58)  Rolling Stones “Goats Head Soup” (8/1973)

59)  Grateful Dead “Wake Of the Flood” (10/1973)

60)  The Who “Quadrophenia” (10/1973)

61)  Jack The Lad “It’s Jack The Lad” (3/1974)

62)  Cat Stevens “Buddha And The Chocolate Box” (3/1974)

63)  John Lennon “Walls and Bridges” (10/1974)

64)  Paul McCartney and Wings “Venus and Mars” (5/1975)

65)  Stephen Stills “Stills” (7/1975)

66)  Neil Young “Tonight’s The Night” (7/1975)

67)  Crosby and Nash “Wind On The Water” (9/1975)

68)  Art Garfunkel “Breakaway” (1/1975)

69)  The Who “By Numbers” (10/1975)

70)  Crosby, Stills and Nash “CSN” (6/1977)

71)  Paul McCartney and Wings “London Town” (3/1978)

72)  The Who “Who Are You?” (8/1978)

73)  10CC “Bloody Tourists” (9/1978)

74)  George Harrison “George Harrison” (2/1979)

75)  The Beach Boys “L.A. Light Album” (3/1979)

76)  Pink Floyd “The Wall” (11/1979)

77)  Pete Townshend “Empty Glass” (4/1980)

78)  Paul Simon “One-Trick Pony” (8/1980)

79)  Gilbert O’Sullivan “Off Centre” (10/1980)

80)  10CC “Ten Out Of Ten” (2/1981)

81)  The Kinks “Give The People What They Want” (8/1981)

82)  Dire Straits “Love Over Gold” (9/1982)

83)  Lindisfarne “Sleepless Nights” (10/1982)

84)  Neil Young “Trans” (12/1982)

85)  Paul Simon “Hearts and Bones” (10/1983)

86)  10CC “Windows In The Jungle” (10/1983)

87)  Jefferson Starship “Nuclear Furniture” (1/1984)

88)  Paul McCartney “Press To Play” (9/1986)

89)  The Searchers “Play The System” (9/1987)

90)  The Human League “Greatest Hits” (11/1988)

91)  Lulu “I’m A Tiger” (1989)

92)  Neil Young “Freedom” (10/1989)

93)  The Kinks “UK Jive” (10/1989)

94)  Paul Simon “The Rhythm Of The Saints” (10/1990)

95)  Neil Young “Weld” (10/1991)

96)  Roger Waters “Amused To Death” (9/1992)

97)  Nils Lofgren “Damaged Goods” (6/1995)

98)  Belle and Sebastian “Tigermilk” (6/1996)

99)  Oasis “The Masterplan” (11/1998)

100)                Belle and Sebastian “Push Barman To Open Old Wounds” (5/2004)

101)                Brian Wilson “Smile” (9/2004)

Issue One                                          August 25 2008

News: Beach Boys/CSN/Grateful Dead/Jefferson Airplane/ Oasis/ Visit Jo in Stafford Market for Bargains/ A Quick Plug For Southport Fibromyalgia Support Group

Reviews: Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young “Déjà vu Live”

Top Five: Fibromylagia songs (Byrds/ Lindisfarne/John Lennon/ Graham Nash/ Beatles)  

Issue Two                                           September 1 2008

News: Beatles/Hollies/Oasis/10cc

Reviews: Oasis “Definitely Maybe” (DVD soundtrack)

Top Five: Dr Who and the Face of Bo (Pete Townshend/ Animals/ The Who/ Travelling Wilburys/ Ford Timelord)

Issue Three                                         September 8 2008

News: Art Garfunkel/ Hollies/ Oasis/ Pink Floyd/ 10cc

Reviews: LindisfarneElvis Lives On The Moon”

Top Five: The credit crunch (10cc/Grateful Dead/Kinks/ Rolling Stones/ Pink Floyd)

Issue Four                                           September 15 2008  

News: Beatles/ Pink Floyd

Reviews: Janis Joplin “I Got Dem Ol’ Kozmik Blues Again Mama”

Top Five: Autumn (Small Faces/ Monkees/ Kinks/ Allan Clarke/ Justin Hayward)

**Special Edition** Issue 4a      Rick Wright Tribute

Issue Five                                   September 22 2008

News: Beatles (sort of)

Reviews: Dire Straits “Makin’ Movies”

Top Five: National Wombat Week (Helen Reddy/ Lindisfarne/ Kinks/ John Lennon/ Wombles)

Issue Six                                      September 29 2008

News: Beatles/ Pink Floyd

Reviews: Lulu “Lulu’s Album”

Top Five: The five best AAA-group related box-sets (John Lennon/Grateful Dead/Buffalo Springfield/ Beach Boys/ Crosby. Stills and Nash)

**Special Edition** Issue 6a      New release: “Déjà Vu” DVD by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

Issue Seven                                  October 7 2008

News: Jefferson Airplane/Lindisfarne/Oasis

Reviews: Grateful Dead Built To Last”

Top Five: Computer virus songs (Beatles/ Neil Young/Kinks/Paul Simon/10cc)

Issue Eight                                   October 13 2008   

News: Beatles

Reviews: The Hollies “For Certain, Because”

Top Five: Five really awful DVDs to avoid (Grateful Dead/ George Harrison/ 10cc/ Rolling Stones/ Pink Floyd)

**Special Edition** Issue 8a        New Release: “Dig Out Your Soul” CD by Oasis

Issue Nine                                      October 20 2008

News: Beatles

Reviews: Jethro Tull “Warchild”

Top Five: Five self-puncturing superstar classics (Monkees/Oasis/Kinks/Buffalo Springfield/Hollies)

Issue Ten                                        October 28 2008

News: Beatles/CSNY/Grateful Dead/Kinks/Moody Blues/Oasis/Rolling Stones

Reviews: Grateful Dead “Grateful Dead”

Top Five: The five ways you know when you have turned into a collector

Issue Eleven                                 November 10 2008

News: Beatles/CSNY/Kinks/Moody Blues/Oasis/Neil Young

Reviews: Johnny Cash “American Legends”

Top Five: Songs about presidents/ politics (Byrds/Kinks/Neil Young x 2/10cc)

Issue Twelve                                 November 17 2008

News: Beatles/Jefferson Airplane/Paul Simon/The Who/Godspell

Reviews: It’s A Beautiful Day “Marrying Maidens”

Top Five: Totally bonkers concept albums (Small Faces/Kinks/Jethro Tull/Cat Stevens/The Who)

Issue Thirteen                                November 24 2008

News: Beach Boys/Beatles/Belle and Sebastian/ Byrds/CSNY/Dire Straits/Kinks/Lulu/Oasis/Neil Young

Reviews: Paul McCartney and Wings “Back To The Egg”

Top Five: Celebrating 40 years of the Beatles’ White Album

**Special Edition** Issue 13A New Release: The Fireman (AKA Paul McCartney and Youth) “Electric Arguments”

Issue Fourteen                                 December 1 2008

News: Byrds/CSNY/Dire Straits/Hollies/Lulu/Monkees/Oasis/ Pentangle/Neil Young

Reviews: The Who “Who’s Next”

Top Five: Still celebrating 40 years of the Beatles’ White Album

Issue Fifteen                                      December 8 2008

News: Beatles

Reviews: Lindisfarne “Magic In The Air”

Top Five: Why are we here?, where are we going? and why do we never seem to get there at all? Arguments put forward on AAA albums for the origins of the species (CSNY/Jefferson Starship/Moody Blues/George Harrison/Dave Davies)

Issue Sixteen                                     December 15 2008

News: Beatles/CSN/Hollies/Yoko Ono

Reviews: Johnny Cash “The Christmas Collection”

Top Five: The top five AAA-related releases of 2008 (Jefferson Airplane/Moody Blues/CSNY/The Fireman aka Paul McCartney/Dennis Wilson)

Issue Seventeen                                   December 22 2008

News: Beach Boys/ Moody Blues/TOTP 2

Reviews: The Beach Boys “Christmas Album”

Top Five: Festive songs (Beatles/George Harrison/Kinks/John Lennon/Paul McCartney/Monkees/Simon and Garfunkel)

Issue Eighteen                                       January 19 2009

News: Belle and Sebastian/ Johnny Cash/ CSNY/Simon and Garfunkel/The Who/Neil Young

Reviews: Pink Floyd “Atom Heart Mother”

Top Five: Bye bye George!

Issue Nineteen                                      January 26 2009

News: Beatles/ CSNY/Human League/ 10cc

Reviews: Abba “The Visitors”

Top Five: Five weird and wonderful AAA gigs (Isle of Wight Festival/ Neil Young/ Quarrymen/ Pink Floyd/ Grateful Dead)

Issue Twenty                                          February 2 2009

News: CSNY

Reviews: Grateful Dead “Aoxomoxoa”

Top Five: We celebrate our 20th issue with all AAA things ‘20’ related. (CSNY/ 10cc/ Kinks/ Paul McCartney/ Beatles) 

Issue Twenty-One                                   February 9 2009

News: Beatles/ Buffalo Springfield: Dewey Martin obituary/ CSNY/ Pink Floyd/ Neil Young

Reviews: David Crosby and Graham Nash Crosby*Nash” (2004)

Top Five: The best five Abba songs not included on ‘The Visitors’

Issue Twenty-Two                                   February 20 2009

News: Johnny Cash/Lindisfarne

Reviews: Graham Nash “Reflections” (2009—new release!)

Top Five: (Belated) romantic odes for Valentine’s Day (Paul Simon/Jefferson Airplane/Beach Boys/Hollies/Moody Blues)

Issue Twenty-Three                                March 2 2009

News: The Who

Reviews: Super Furry Animals “Rings Around The World” (2001)

Top Five: Hollies B-sides

Issue Twenty-Four                                   March 9 2009

News: Beach Boys/Beatles/Lindisfarne/Monkees/The Who

Reviews: The Beatles “Live At the BBC” (1994)

Top Five: Other BBC Recordings (Animals/Dire Straits/Moody Blues/Kinks/Who)

Issue Twenty-Five                                     March 16 2009

News: Oasis

Reviews: Badfinger “Straight Up” (1972)

Top Five: Beach Boys rarities that still haven’t made it to CD yet!!! (Get a move on Capitol/CBS/Caribou/etc!)

Issue Twenty-Six                                       March 23 2009

News: Beatles-Denny Laine/Byrds/Lindisfarne/Otis Redding/ Small Faces/10cc/Neil Young

Reviews: Neil Young “Hawks And Doves” (1980)

Top Five: Five classic tracks John, Paul and George wrote for Ringo’s solo albums!

Issue, err, One Thousand Two Hundred And Fifty-Five                     

                     April 1 2034 (special time travel edition)


Reviews: McCartney/Austounders featuring Graham Nash/ Lindisfarne meets Lulu/ Rolling Stones feat Roger Daltrey/ Spice Girls Sing Beatles

Top Five: Reasons to be living in the 2030s!!!

Issue Twenty-Seven                                     April 13 2009

News: Beatles/Your Questions Part #1

Reviews: Mamas + The Papas “If You Can Believe Your Eyes And Ears” (1966)

Top Five: Five of the best rock and roll tracks from the pre-Beatles era.

Issue Twenty-Eight                                        April 20 2009

News: Beatles/Paul Simon

Reviews: The Beach Boys “Surfin’ Safari” (1962)

Top Five: AAA-related autobiographies (George Harrison/Ray Davies/David Crosby/Brian Wilson/Dave Davies)

Issue Twenty-Nine                                         April 27 2009

News: Beatles/CSN/Kinks/Rolling Stones/Simon and Garfunkel/Cat Stevens/Neil Young

Reviews: Neil Young “Comes A Time” (1978)

Top Five: Top five Rolling Stones B-sides

Issue Thirty                                                    May 8 2009

News: CSN/Kinks/Cat Stevens

Reviews: Rolling Stones “Some Girls” (1978)

Top Five: Top five Beatles B-sides

Issue Thirty-One                                            May 15 2009

News: Beatles

Reviews: Yusuf aka Cat Stevens “Roadsinger” (2009 – new release!)

Top Five: The llooonnggeesstttt AAA songs of all time (Pink Floyd/John Lennon/Neil Young/10cc/Grateful Dead)

Issue Thirty-Two                                            May 22 2009

News: Beatles

Reviews: 10cc “The Original Soundtrack” (1974)

Top Five: Top five Kinks B-sides

Issue Thirty-Three: CSN anniversary special    May 29 2009

News: Beatles/CSN/Kinks/Pentangle/Rolling Stones/Neil Young

Nelson’s Column: How CSN changed the definition of being a ‘group’

Reviews: The Stills-Young Band “Long May You Run” (1976)

Top Five: Abandoned CSNY projects ‘wasted on the way’

Issue Thirty-Four                                               June 5 2009

News: Woodstock/Johnny Cash/Neil Young

Reviews: The Monkees “The Birds, The Bees And The Monkees” (1968)

Top Five: The best rarities and out-takes sets by AAA groups (Jefferson Airplane/Beach Boys/The Who/ Hollies/ Monkees)

Issue Thirty-Five                                              July 3 2009

Reviews: John Lennon and Yoko Ono “Sometime In New York City” (1972)

Top Five: News we’ve missed while we’ve been away

Issue Thirty-Six                                                 July 17 2009

News: CSN/Woodstock

Reviews: Hotlegs aka 10cc “Thinks...School Stinks” aka “You Didn’t Like It Because You Didn’t Think Of It” (1971)

Top Five: Birthday Songs (Beach Boys/Yoko Ono/Hollies)

Issue Thirty-Seven                                                           July 24 2009

News: Beatles/CSN/Jefferson Starship/Rolling Stones/Neil Young

Reviews: The Kinks “Think Visual” (1986)

Top Five: Brightest album covers (Moody Blues/ Hollies/ Kinks/ Beatles/ Rolling Stones)   

Issue Thirty-Eight                                                July 31 2009

News: Moody Blues/ Pink Floyd

Reviews: The Blue Jays (aka two of the Moody Blues) “Blue Jays” (1975)

Top Five: The five biggest arguments on record (Beach Boys/The Who/John Lennon and Phil Spector/The Hollies/The Byrds)


Reviews: Grace Slick “Dreams” (1980)

Top Five: AAA songs about super-heroes (David Crosby/Kinks/Who/Allan Clarke/Paul McCartney and Wings)

News: Beatles/CSNY/Small Faces/Woodstock

Reviews: Paul McCartney “Flowers In The Dirt” (1989)

Top Five: AAA Television Networks That Should Exist (David Crosby/ CSNY/ Beatles)

News: Beatles

Reviews: Crosby, Stills and Nash “Demos” (2009 – semi-new release)

Top Five: AAA Woodstock Moments (Grateful Dead/Janis Joplin/The Who/Crosby, Stills and Nash/Jefferson Airplane)

News: Beatles/Dire Straits/Grateful Dead/Jefferson Airplane/ Yoko Ono/Simon and Garfunkel

Reviews: Simon and Garfunkel “Wednesday Morning, 3 AM” (1964)

Top Five: Our top moments of the past year as voted for by readers

News: Beatles/Oasis/Rolling Stones

Reviews: Buffalo Springfield “Last Time Around” (1968)

Top Five: Music segues as offered by our highly intelligent computer ‘Dell-Boy’

News: Beatles/Buffalo Springfield/Neil Young

Reviews: Oasis “Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants” (2000)

Top Five: AAA songs sung in foreign languages (i.e. not ‘American English’)

News: Beatles/CSN/Yoko Ono/Small Faces/The Who/Neil Young

Reviews: The Beatles “Magical Mystery Tour” (1967)

Top Five: Five other AAA groups in need of the re-mastering treatment (Lindisfarne /CSN/ Nils Lofgren/ The Kinks/ Rolling Stones)

News: Beach Boys/Beatles/Human League/Pink Floyd/The Who

Reviews: Cat Stevens “Numbers” (1976)

Top Five: The Kinks’ ‘Preservation’ Rock Opera – was it really about the forthcoming Conservative/Labour Election?

News: Beatles

Reviews: Pink Floyd “The Division Bell” (1994)

Top Five: The five AAA albums with the biggest differences between mono and stereo mixes (Pink Floyd/ Beatles/ Hollies/ Kinks/ Grateful Dead)

News: Beatles

Reviews: Crazy Horse “Crazy Horse” (1971)

Top Five: The issue written in rhyme (well most of the time!); this week – the top five weirdest things to do when a band member leaves (The Byrds/Jefferson Airplane/Beach Boys/Human League)

News: Belle and Sebastian/Johnny Cash/Oasis/Cat Stevens/Neil Young

Reviews: The Byrds “5D (Fifth Dimension)” (1966)

Top Five: The top five AAA youtube clips you can’t see anywhere else (Paul McCartney/The Kinks/Hollies/Grateful Dead/Pink Floyd)

news and views 50 - december 18.docx

News: Beatles/CSN/Jefferson Starship/Monkees/Oasis/Pink Floyd/Rolling Stones/Cat Stevens/Neil Young

Reviews: Lindisfarne Mark II “Happy Daze” (1974)

Top Five: The Top Five AAA-related Releases Of 2009 (Cat Stevens aka Yusuf/Beatles/Graham Nash/Jefferson Starship/Neil Young) plus the top 10 releases of the decade (Brian Wilson/Ray Davies/Belle And Sebastian/Stephen Stills/Cat Stevens/Oasis/George Harrison/Paul McCartney aka The Fireman/Neil Young).

News: Nils Lofgren/Neil Young

Reviews: Jefferson Starship “Original Album Classics” (Dragonfly/Red Octopus/Spitfire/Earth/Freedom At Point Zero) (1974-79) (with the focus on ‘Dragonfly’)

Top Five: Train songs: Simon and Garfunkel/The Monkees/Lindisfarne/10cc/The Who

News: The Hollies

Reviews: Stephen Stills/Manassas “Pieces” (semi-new release, 2009)

Top Five: AAA songs celebrating snow and winter (The Hollies/Dave Davies/Paul McCartney/Jack The Lad/Lindisfarne)

news and views 53 - February 5.docxMoody Blues Special!

News: CSN/Hollies/Moody Blues (Tony Clarke Obituary, producer 1967-78)/Pink Floyd

Reviews: The Moody Blues “On The Threshold Of A Dream” (1969)

Top Five: AAA songs about astrology, combined with a brief look at each group’s horoscopes (Pink Floyd/Kinks/George Harrison and Beatles/Beach Boys/Stephen Stills and CSNY)

News: Neil Young

Reviews: Nils Lofgren and Grin “All Out” (1972)

Top Five: The worst five groups never in the history of the universe (and no surprises for guessing that The Spice Girls are in there somewhere...)

News: CSNY/Jefferson Airplane

Reviews: Brian Wilson “That Lucky Old Sun” (2008)

Top Five: The worst AAA albums of all time (Monkees/Moody Blues/Beach Boys/Paul McCartney/Hollies)

News: Beach Boys/Beatles/Belle and Sebastian/Johnny Cash/CSN/Otis Redding/Neil Young

Reviews: Neil Young “Life” (1987)

Top Five: The most over-rated AAA albums of all time (Beatles/Beach Boys/Simon and Garfunkel/The Byrds/Neil Young)

news and views 5004 - april 1 2110.docx – April Fool’s Day Special

News: Pretty much everyone!


DLFJLJSNV,V N,VN,NXV”/CSNY “Deja Vu Deja Vu”/Spice Girls “Back From The Dead”

Nelson’s Column: This week, Nelson is at The Cavern Club in 1960!

Top Five: Reasons to have evolved a third ear and antennae

News: Beatles/The Hollies/Pink Floyd

Reviews: The Searchers “Sugar And Spice” (1963)

Top Five: The top five AAA EP exclusive rarities (Rolling Stones/Hollies/The Who/Beatles/Kinks)

News: CSN/Rolling Stones/Paul Simon (sort of)/10cc/Traveling Wilburys

Reviews: George Harrison “Living In The Material World” (1971)

Top Five: Random recent purchases (Johnny Cash/Ringo Starr/Pink Floyd/Paul McCartney/Searchers)

An in-depth look at all of the good, the bad and the downright ugly compilations released for AAA artists over the years

News: Beatles/Oasis

Reviews: The Kinks “Preservation Acts One And Two” (1973/74)

Top Five: AAA party political slogans (Oasis/Kinks/Grateful Dead/Beach Boys)

News: Rolling Stones/10cc

Reviews: Rolling Stones “Exile On Main Street” (1972)

Top Five: AAA songs with which you could celebrate ‘Rock Sunday’ (John Lennon/Paul McCartney/Jefferson Airplane/Oasis/Monkees/Small Faces)

News: Beatles/Hollies/Oasis/Rolling Stones

Reviews: The Hollies “Out On The Road” (1973)

Top Five: Strange but true (?) ghost stories from the world of the AAA featuring various Beatles and the restless spirit of Jerry Garcia

News: Hollies/Oasis/Pink Floyd

Reviews: Alan Hull “Pipedream” (1973)

Top Five: AAA albums with art or references to artists (and we mean artists famous for art not featured on record covers!) (Alan Hull/Paul Simon/Neil Young/Beach Boys/The Who)

News: Beatles/Hollies/Oasis/Pink Floyd

Reviews: The Monkees “Instant Replay” (1969)

Top Five: AAA artwork re-made in lego! (Lots of Beatles/Pink Floyd/Oasis/Simon and Garfunkel/Belle and Sebastian)

News: Beatles/CSN-The Hollies/The Who

Reviews: The Beach Boys “Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!!)” (1965)

Top Five: Has gone to the dogs this week with the top five AAA songs about canines

News: Beatles – ‘Lennon Naked’ Review/Kinks/Oasis

Review/Top Five: A tribute special featuring obituary and top five for original Kinks bassist Pete Quaife.

News: Beatles – Nowhere Boy Review

Review: The Who “A Quick One While He’s Away” (1966)

Top Five: Sunshiney songs (Moody Blues/Grateful Dead/Kinks/Pink Floyd/Beatles)

News: Beatles/Pink Floyd/Rolling Stones/Small Faces/Cat Stevens

Review: The Byrds “Dr Byrds and Mr Hyde” (1969)

Top Five: In which the AAA staff play their own music-induced version of Monopoly/Mornington Crescent

News: Beatles/Moody Blues/Otis Redding/Rolling Stones

Review: The Small Faces “Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake” (1968)

Top Five: What ‘other’ British Invasion’ DVDs we want to see on our shelves sometime soon – and what footage still exists (Beatles/Rolling Stones/Hollies/Kinks/Who)

News: Beatles/Byrds-CSNY-Monkees (Laurel Canyon Doc)

Review: Neil Young “American Stars ‘n’ Bars” (1977)

Top Five: What we want to place in our AAA time capsule to remind ourselves of life in 2010 when we open it again in 2040 (just like the John Lennon one!)

An in-depth look at the wonderful, woeful and downright wacky solo albums by AAA groups

News: Kinks

Review: Grateful Dead “Terrapin Station” (1977)

Top Five: AAA conspiracy theories featuring The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd

News: Beatles/Belle and Sebastian

Reviews: Paul McCartney “McCartney” (1970)

Top Five: Weirdest things to do before and after becoming a star (Beatles/Dire Straits/Jefferson Airplane/Lindisfarne/Monkees/Rolling Stones/Cat Stevens/10cc/The Who/Neil Young)

News: Beatles/Byrds/Janis Joplin/Pentangle/Neil Young

Reviews: The Kinks “Part One – Lola Versus Powerman And The Money-Go-Round” (1970)

Top Five: Songs to tweet to (Beatles/Lennon/McCartney/Travelling Wilburys/Beach Boys)

News: Beatles/Belle and Sebastian/CSNY/Janis Joplin

Reviews: Graham Nash “Wild Tales” (1974)

Top Five/Ten: The greatest ever AAA solos (Beatles/10cc/Byrds/Rolling Stones/Kinks/Pink Floyd/The Who/Hollies/Pentangle/Neil Young)

An in-depth look at live albums by each of the AAA artists, the ones with ‘Magic In The Air’, the ones where you had to be there and the ones you can’t find nowadays anywhere...

News: Beatles/Buffalo Springfield/Janis Joplin/Pink Floyd/The Who/Neil Young (John Lennon 70th birthday special)

Review: John Lennon “Mind Games” (1973)

Top Five: John Lennon tributes (Nils Lofgren/Yoko Ono/George Harrison/Paul Simon/Paul McCartney)

News: Beatles/Byrds/Hollies/Kinks/Oasis/Pentangle/10cc/The Who

Review: Simon and Garfunkel “Bookends” (1968)

Top Five: AAA songs for Halloween (Allan Clarke/Hollies/Lindisfarne/Cat Stevens/Kinks)

News: Beatles/Human League/Hollies/Kinks/Oasis/Pentangle/Rolling Stones

Review: Dire Straits “On Every Street” (1991)

Top Five: Earliest examples of AAA psychedelia up to two years before the ‘Summer Of Love’ (Who/Beatles/Beach Boys/Kinks/Searchers)

News: Lots of radio programme repeats this week: Beach Boys/Beatles/Lulu/ Oasis/ Pink Floyd/Rolling Stones/Small Faces/The Who

Review: 10cc “10cc” (1973)

Top Five: Fully instrumental albums (Mike Nesmith/Beach Boys/Paul McCartney/Human League/Neil Young)

News: Lulu

Review: The Who “Lifehouse” (‘Who’s Next’ with extra bits, 1971)

Top Five: Utopias (Art Garfunkel/Otis Redding/Nils Lofgren/Crosby, Stills and Nash/Jefferson Airplane/John Lennon/Moody Blues)

News: Beatles/Neil Young

Review: Belle and Sebastian “If You’re Feeling Sinister” (1996)

Top Five: Imaginary bands (Rutles/Grateful Dead/Pink Floyd/Monkees/Beatles)

News: Beatles/CSN/Pink Floyd/Rolling Stones/Neil Young

Review: The Hollies “The Hollies” (1965)

Top Five: Unlikely cover versions (Byrds/Wings/Ray Davies/Hollies/Neil Young)

News: Beatles/Kinks/Rolling Stones/The Who

Review: The Beach Boys “20/20” (1969)

Top Five: Releases of 2010 (Moody Blues/Otis Redding/Rolling Stones/Oasis/John Lennon)

News: Beatles/Pink Floyd

Review: The Beatles “Christmas Fanclub Flexi-discs” (1963-69)

Top Five: Songs about snow (Pentangle/Yoko Ono/Belle and Sebastian/Grateful Dead/Paul McCartney)

News: Kinks/Rolling Stones – Keith Richards’ book/The Who

Review: Belle and Sebastian “Write About Love” (2010)

Top Five: Our predictions for the year

News: Beatles/Rolling Stones – more on Keith Richards’ book

Review: Paul McCartney and Wings “Band On The Run” (1973/2010)

Top Five: More AAA fugitives (Stephen Stills/Jefferson Starship/Simon and Garfunkel/Grateful Dead/Rolling Stones)

News: Beach Boys/CSN/Human League/Monkees/Oasis/Rolling Stones/The Who/Neil Young

Review: Lindisfarne “Fog On The Tyne” (1971)

Top Five: Home Towns in song (Liverpool/Manchester/London/Cambridge/California)

News: CSN/Monkees – Don Kirshner obituary/Gilbert O’Sullivan/Pink Floyd/Paul Simon

Review: Yoko Ono “A Story” (recorded 1974, released 1998)

Top Five: The five biggest non-musical influences on the 1960s (Marx Brothers/Tony Hancock/James Dean/JFK/Hitler)

News: Troll A Tory Day/Beatles/Dire Straits

Review: Pink Floyd “Ummagumma” (1969)

Top Five: A bit more than a top five this week: every single instance of one AAA band covering songs made famous by another

News: None!

Review: Jefferson Airplane “Bark” (1971)

Top Five: Strange censorship decisions – the top five songs banned for no apparent reason and the top five that amazingly slipped through the net (Jefferson Airplane/Buffalo Springfield/Kinks/Rolling Stones/Beatles/Pink Floyd/Hollies/Small Faces)

news and views 92 - february 21st.docx200th article special!

News: Beatles/Lindisfarne

Review: The Beatles “Please Please Me” (1963)

Top Five: AAA albums that still haven’t been released on CD yet! (Monkees/Beatles/Jefferson Airplane/10cc/Neil Young)

News: Beatles/CSNY/Dire Straits/Monkees/Pink Floyd/Rolling Stones

Review: Beady Eye “Different Gear, Still Speeding” (2011)

Top Five: Random recent purchases (Stephen Stills/The Who/Rolling Stones/Beatles/Holst)

news and views issue 974 - april 1st 2026.docx – April Fool’s Day Time Travel Special!

News: Pretty much everyone!

Reviews: Beatles/CSNY/Dire Straits/Rolling Stones/Spice Girls

Top Five: Mini-biographies of the five beings who made the fall of the Coalition after 15 tyrannical years possible!

News: Hollies/Kinks/Rolling Stones/Simon and Garfunkel

Review: Neil Young “Le Noise” (2010)

Top Five: AAA music videos (Neil Young/Rolling Stones/Monkees/Kinks/CSN/Grateful Dead/Moody Blues/Godley and Creme/Oasis/Paul McCartney)

News: Oasis/Rolling Stones

Review: The Monkees “Changes” (1970)

Top Thirty (!): This week I’ve been challenged to come up with my own ’30 day Facebook song challenge’ – here are my complete results!

News: Beatles/The Who

Review: The Kinks “Word Of Mouth” (1984)

Top Five: AAA Documentaries (Wings/Beatles/Beach Boys/Grateful Dead/Paul Simon)

News: Beach Boys/Beatles/Pink Floyd/Holst!!!

Review: Dennis Wilson “Pacific Ocean Blue” (1977)

Top Ten: Unfinished AAA albums (Dennis Wilson/Beach Boys/Beatles/Buffalo Springfield/CSNY/Lennon/McCartney/Moody Blues/Pink Floyd/Neil Young)

News: Beatles/Hollies/Rolling Stones

Review: The Moody Blues “The Present” (1983)

Top Ten: Strangest album covers (Belle and Sebastian/Buffalo Springfield/Grateful Dead/Byrds/Wings/CSN/Oasis/Cat Stevens/Pink Floyd/Moody Blues)

news and views 99 - may 12th 2011.docx –a special report from ‘Live Earth’ 1974!

News: Beach Boys/Beatles/Hollies

Review: Grateful Dead “From The Mars Hotel” (1974)

Top Ten: Performances at the Live Solar System Benefit Concert for Earth! (Neil Young/Beach Boys/Nils Lofgren/Oasis/Paul McCartney and Wings/John Lennon/Dave Davies/The Byrds/Pink Floyd/Jefferson Airplane-Starship)

News: Hollies/Human League/Pink Floyd

Review: The Rolling Stones “The Rolling Stones” (1964)

Top Five: Songs with the word ‘100’ in them (Byrds/Rolling Stones/Moody Blues/Cat Stevens/The Beatles)

News: Hollies/Pink Floyd/Paul Simon

Review: Syd Barrett “The Madcap Laughs” (1970)

Top Five: The most recorded AAA songs in a single day (Hollies/Kinks/Beach Boys/Beatles/Searchers)

News: Beach Boys/Beatles/CSNY/Monkees/Oasis/Pink Floyd/Otis Redding/Rolling Stones/Simon and Garfunkel/10cc/Neil Young

Review: Janis Joplin “Pearl” (1970)

Top Five: Most revealing AAA interviews (Cat Stevens/David Crosby/Janis Joplin/The Who/John Lennon)

News: Beatles/Oasis/Simon and Garfunkel

Review: Neil Young “Mirror Ball” (1995)

Top Five: Best pre-fame AAA recordings (Beach Boys/Beatles/Byrds/Grateful Dead/Janis Joplin/Kinks/Searchers/Simon and Garfunkel/The Who/Neil Young)

News: Buffalo Springfield/Kinks/Oasis/Rolling Stones/Simon and Garfunkel

Review: Crosby, Stills and Nash “Live It Up!” (1990)

Top Five: The shortest and longest AAA albums (Beatles/Simon and Garfunkel/Hollies/Neil Young/Beach Boys/Pink Floyd/Who/Godley and Crème)

News: Beatles/Pentangle

Review: Oasis “Definitely Maybe” (1994)

Top Five: The ultimate line-up for the ultimate AAA band (featuring members from the Beach Boys/Beatles/CSNY/Grateful Dead/Hollies/Monkees/Pink Floyd/Simon and Garfunkel/The Who/Neil Young)

News: Beatles/CSNY/Kinks/Simon and Garfunkel

Review: The original ‘McCartney II’ (1980/2011)

Top Ten: AAA sports songs (Beach Boys/Belle and Sebastian/George Harrison/The Kinks/Simon and Garfunkel/10cc)

News: Beatles/Janis Joplin

Review: Paul Simon “So Beautiful, Or So What?” (2011)

Top Ten: Conversations with our ‘maker’ (Hollies/Kinks/Moody Blues/Janis Joplin/Lindisfarne/John Lennon/Jefferson Airplane/Dennis Wilson/Neil Young)

News: Beatles/Jefferson Airplane/Oasis

Review: The Byrds “Younger Than Yesterday” (1967)

Top Ten: AAA managers (the good, the bad and the financially ugly!)

News: Byrds/Monkees

Review: Jack The Lad “The Old Straight Track” (1974)

Top Ten: Unexpected AAA cameos (Beatles/David Crosby/Grateful Dead/Hollies/Lulu/Monkees/Moody Blues/Graham Nash/Pink Floyd/Rolling Stones/Paul Simon/Small Faces/The Who/Neil Young)

News: Monkees/Rolling Stones

Review: The Hollies “5317704” (1979)

Top Five: Five other AAA related words than can be spelt on a calculator! (Monkees/Manassas/Kinks/Crazy Horse/Nils Lofgren)

News: Beach Boys/Beatles/Belle and Sebastian/Byrds/CSN/Kinks/Lulu/

Oasis/Gilbert O’Sullivan/Pentangle/Pink Floyd/Rolling Stones/The Who/Neil Young

Review: The Kinks “A Soap Opera” (1975)

Top Five: AAA Court cases (Beatles/Gilbert O’Sullivan/Pink Floyd/Who/Neil Young)

News: Lulu/Oasis

Review: Justin Hayward “Songwriter” (1977)

Top Five: Postmodern songs all about the art of songwriting (Paul McCartney/Stephen Stills/Neil Young/The Who/Paul Simon)

News: Beatles/Monkees/Oasis etc/Pink Floyd

Review: The Rolling Stones “Steel Wheels” (1989)

Top Ten: Biggest stylistic leaps on AAA albums (Monkees/Cat Stevens/Grateful Dead/Paul McCartney/Hollies/Kinks/Jefferson Starship/Moody Blues/Human League/Neil Young)

News: Beatles/Byrds/CSN/Grateful Dead/Hollies/Kinks/Lindisfarne/ Monkees/Moody Blues/Pink Floyd/Rolling Stones/Small Faces/The Who

Review: Cat Stevens “New Masters” (1968)

Top Twenty: The biggest reasons why David Cameron just has to go!

News: Belle and Sebastian/CSN/Hollies

Review: The Beach Boys “Wild Honey” (1967)

Top Seven: The AAA Cookbook, full of mouthwatering (and eyewatering) recipes! (featuring lots of bad puns based on Beach Boys/Beatles/CSN/Dire Straits/Grateful Dead/Moody Blues/Otis Redding/Rolling Stones)

News: Grateful Dead/Pink Floyd

Review: Jefferson Airplane “Takes Off!” (1966)

Top Five: Debut singles that sum up an artist’s oeuvre from the outset (The Who/Grateful Dead/Oasis/Monkees/Small Faces)

A special dedicated to Pentangle guitarist Bert Jansch who died this week at the age of 67, including the top five Jansch –Pentangle classics

News: Beach Boys/Beatles/Lulu/Pink FloydRolling Stones/Paul Simon

Review: Pink Floyd “A Saucerful Of Secrets” (1968)

Top Five: That same bird sound effect as featured on albums by The Kinks, The Hollies, The Beatles and Pink Floyd

News: Beach Boys/Byrds/CSN/Dire Straits/Hollies/Oasis/Pentangle/ Paul Simon/The Who/Neil Young

Review: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds “Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds” (2011)

Top Twenty: The first in a three-part series of classic AAA YouTube clips: 60-41 (Kinks/Hollies/CSN/Moody Blues/George Harrison/The Who/Paul McCartney/Dire Straits/Nils Lofgren/Oasis/Monkees/Small Faces/10cc/Cat Stevens/Yoko Ono)

News: Beatles/Nils Lofgren/Monkees/Oasis/The Who

Review: Nils Lofgren “Flip!” (1985)

Top Twenty: The second in a three-part series of classic AAA Youtube clips: 40-21 (CSN/Pink Floyd/Jefferson Airplane/Neil Young/Pentangle/Lindisfarne/Beach Boys/ Searchers/Kinks/Buffalo Springfield/Dire Straits/Monkees/Small Faces/Hollies)

News: Beatles/CSN/Monkees/Simon and Garfunkel/The Who

Review: Neil Young “Sleeps With Angels” (1994)

Top Twenty: The third in a three-part series of classic AAA Youtube clips: 20-1 (George Harrison/CSNY/Jack The Lad/Ringo/Monkees/Paul McCartney/Paul Simon/Byrds/Kinks/ Hollies/Grateful Dead/Pink Floyd/Neil Young)

News: Lulu/Simon and Garfunkel

Review: Paul McCartney “Tug Of War” (1982)

Top Ten: Things I never knew about AAA artists before working on this site! (Beach Boys/Beatles/CSN/Dire Straits/Grateful Dead/Hollies/Jefferson Airplane/Monkees/Rolling Stones/The Who)

News: Beatles/CSN/Hollies/Rolling Stones/The Who

Review: Denny Laine “Reborn” (1996)

Top Twenty: The priciest AAA recordings, with a top 10 dedicated to The Beatles and another dedicated to everyone else... (Beatles/Kinks/Pink Floyd/Rolling Stones/The Who)

News: Rolling Stones

Review: Paul Simon “Paul Simon” (1972)

Top Ten: AAA Instrumentals (Beach Boys/Beatles/Grateful Dead/Pink Floyd/10cc/The Who)

News: Beatles/Bee Gees/The Who

Review: 10cc “Sheet Music” (1974)

Top, Erm, Whatever: Musical Tarot – let your Ipod/MP3 player shuffle button decide your destiny!

News: Beach Boys/Kinks/Monkees (Bert Schneider obit)

Review: The Beach Boys “Merry Christmas From The Beach Boys” (Unreleased, 1977)

Top Five: Christmas Carols

News: Beach Boys/Beatles/Janis Joplin/Kinks/Oasis/Yoko Ono/Otis Redding/Rolling Stones

Review: George Harrison “Dark Horse” (1974)

Top Five/Three: The best five album releases of the year (Paul McCartney/The Who/Beady Eye/Beach Boys/Hollies), the three best documentaries (Simon and Garfunkel/Kinks/Pink Floyd), the three best DVDs (John Lennon/George Harrison/Hollies) and the three best songs of the year (Paul Simon/Noel Gallagher/Beady Eye)

News: Beatles/Lulu/Pentangle

Review: “The Great Otis Redding Sings Soul Ballads” (1965)

Top Five: AAA appearances in ‘The Beano’ (Beach Boys/Beatles)

News: Vote for us at the ‘Shorty’ Awards!/Politics and Music

Review: Gilbert O’Sullivan “A Stranger In My Own Back Yard” (1974)

Top Ten: AAA guitarists part one: #20-11

News: Beatles/Paul Simon

Review: The Beatles “Let It Be” (1970)

Top Ten: AAA guitarists part two: #10-1

News: Paul Simon

Review: Crosby, Stills and Nash “Daylight Again” (1982)

Top Five: The Alan’s Album Archives’ ‘Shorty’ nomination promotional interview

News: Beatles/Byrds/CSNY/Kinks/Monkees/Rolling Stones/Neil Young

Review: The Kinks “Sleepwalker” (1977)

Top Five: The top 10 best selling AAA albums (featuring Pink Floyd/Beatles/Dire Straits/Simon and Garfunkel/Oasis/Monkees)

News: Moody Blues/Oasis

Review: The Searchers “Meet The Searchers” (1963)

Top Five: Songs featuring bagpipes (Hollies/Grace Slick and Jefferson Starship/Paul McCartney and Wings/Grateful Dead/Belle and Sebastian)

News: Beatles/Kinks/Lulu/Rolling Stones/Paul Simon/Small Faces/Cat Stevens

Review: The Byrds “Mr Tambourine Man” (1965)

Top Fifty-Six: A (hopefully) complete list of AAA musicians on Twitter (featuring pretty much every AAA band!)

News: Byrds/Hollies/Jefferson Airplane

Review: John Lennon and Yoko Ono “Milk and Honey” (1982)

Top Six: The Beatles albums that could have been 1970-74 and 1980

A special dedicated to Monkee Davy Jones, who died this week at the age of 66, including the top ten Davy Jones-penned songs

News: Beatles/Belle and Sebastian

Review: The Who “Face Dances” (1981)

Top Five: AAA Computer/DVD games we’ve invented (Beatles/Grateful Dead/Monkees/Rolling Stones/The Who)

News: The Beach Boys/The Who

Review: Grateful Dead “Workingman’s Dead” (1970)

Top Ten: The AAA albums that spent the most weeks at #1 in the UK chart (Simon and Garfunkel/Beatles/Rolling Stones/Oasis)

News: Pretty much everyone!

Reviews: The Byrds “Sing Byrd”/“The Madrigal Moody Blues”/The  Rolling Stones and the Caveman “Let’s Rock”/Spice Girls “The Opera”

Top Ten: Interviews with special guests King Urrg, Noah, Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Captain Kidd, Sir Walter Raliegh, Napoleon, George Washington, Queen Victoria and Capt. Buzz Blackhole, all talking about their record collections!!!  

News: Beatles/Belle and Sebastian/Hollies/Monkees/Oasis/Neil Young

Review: Belle and Sebastian “Dear Catastrophe Waitress” (2003)

Top Ten: The AAA Singles that spent the most weeks at #1 in the UK chart (Paul McCartney and Wings/Art Garfunkel/Beatles/Human League/Pink Floyd/George Harrison)

News: Grateful Dead/Small Faces

Review: Cat Stevens “Izitso?” (1977)

Top Twenty: Lyric competition – guess the group to win a prize!

News: Beatles/Hollies/Pentangle

Review: Paul McCartney “Kisses On The Bottom” (2012)

Top Ten: AAA Crooner Classics (Beach Boys/Beatles/Belle and Sebastian/Hollies/Kinks/Paul McCartney/Pink Floyd/Ringo/Small Faces/10cc)

News: Beatles/Hollies/Paul Simon/10cc/The Who

Review: The Beach Boys “The Smile Sessions” (Box Set 2011)

Top Five: Funeral songs (Beach Boys/Lindisfarne/Jerry Garcia/Crosby, Stills and Nash/Beatles)

News: Crosby-Nash/The Kinks/Yoko Ono/The Searchers/Paul Simon/The Who

Review: The Who “Quadrophenia” (Box Set 2011)

Top Five: Telephone songs for when you’re stuck on ‘hold’ (Allan Clarke/The Kinks/Grateful Dead/10cc/Rolling Stones)

News: Lindisfarne/Lulu/Paul Simon

Review: Pink Floyd “Dark Side Of The Moon” “Wish You Were Here” and “The Wall” (Experience/Immersion Box Sets 2011)

Top Five: Random recent purchases (Crosby-Nash/Stevie Jackson/Art Garfunkel/Hot Tuna/Julian Lennon)

News: CSN/Pentangle/Pink Floyd/Otis Redding/Rolling Stones/The Who

Review: The Hollies “Radio Fun” (2012)

Top Five: Six more random recent purchases (Ian Anderson/Henry McCullough/Mick Jagger/Rolling Stones/The Kinks/The Monkees via Harry Nilsson)

News: Hollies/Lulu/Rolling Stones

Review: Lindisfarne “Dingly Dell” (1972)

Top Twenty: The results of our lyric competition (as printed in issue 140)

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