Monday 28 May 2012

News, Views and Music Issue 146 (Top Twenty): Results Of Our Lyric Competition

Well, as competitions go, this one came somewhere in-between those you’ve-definitely-won-something-but-it-will-cost-you-more-to-ring-up-and-claim-your-prize-than-it-will-for-us-to-make-it letters and the 1936 Berlin Olympics (where an African-American athlete broke all the records despite Nazi Germany propaganda that white people were part of a master race). We got a grand total of two entries for this competition and one of those wasn’t written down – but I promised you the answers so here there are. If you haven’t done the quiz yet and want to take part please see issue 140 before glancing at the answers below. All you had to do was name the group who sang the following lines, all of which are printed somewhere on our site for you to find. All the artists are AAA ones and can be any of the ‘grid’ we print at the top of every newsletter (you know, that big block with all the multi-coloured squiggly writing in it). The winner was our regular reader Lizzie who got an impressive nine answers correct, although she did have a few second guesses at a few of them (‘its either The Beach Boys, The Human League or Otis Redding’ was one memorable entry. The answer turned out to be The Moody Blues) and she wins a copy of ‘The Beatles Anthology Volume 2’, the album she asked for so nicely. We hope to have another quiz one day – and if we do, please enter. Lizzie’s running out of CDs she wants and let’s face it, with two entries per competition your odds of winning are pretty good! So without further brain-racking delays here are the answers:

 1) “He built a house upon a hill, ask him if he’s happy and then give him a pill, he’s going mad” (1969)

The Monkees “Shorty Blackwell” (Instant Replay, reviewed in News and Views no 64)

2) “...Like a surburban Toreador” (1980)

Dire Straits “Skateaway” (Makin’ Movies, reviewed in News and Views no 4)

3) “I really love you – and I mean you, the star above you crystal blue, well oh baby my hair’s on end about you” (1970)

Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd also acceptable) “Terrapin” (The Madcap Laughs, reviewed as News and Views no 101)

4) “Students are marching now in every land, they won’t be shifted just like grains of sand, if we don’t get together pretty soon, we’ll do the same thing on the moon” (1970)

The Hollies “Frightened Lady” (Confessions Of The Mind, Review no 39)

5) “If only life were easy it would be such fun, things would be more equal and be plenty for everyone” (1969)

The Kinks “Arthur” (Arthur, Review no 30)

6) “The elephants in the bedroom, throwing all his weight about, but I’m locked in the bathroom, your screams are gonna drown me out” (1989)

The Rolling Stones “Sad, Sad, Sad” (Steel Wheels, reviewed as News and Views no 113)

7) “What’s the use in looking for an answer? I might find out – it could be a disaster!” (1983)

The Moody Blues “Sitting At The Wheel” (The Present, reviewed as News and Views no 98)

8) “Darkness shrugs and bids the day goodbye” (1969)

Grateful Dead “St Stephen” (Aoxomoxoa/Live Dead, reviewed as News and Views no 20)

9) “Photographs, faded photographs, holidays, summer holidays, first love, broken promises... throw them away, I’m going back to yesterday” (1981)

10cc “Memories” (10 Out Of 10, review no 80)

10) “Apologies mean nothing when the damage is done, but you can’t switch off my loving like you can’t switch off the sun!” (1966)

The Who “So Sad About Us” (‘A Quick One’, reviewed as News and Views no 67)

11) “Once upon a time there was a garden, on a high hill, green and blossom round against the sea, and there the sun came and the rain pouring down...” (1967)

The Byrds “Mind Gardens” (Younger Than Yesterday, reviewed as News and Views no 108)

12) “I dropped into the luxury of the Lords, fighting dragons and crossing swords, with the people against the hordes who came to conquer” (1977)

Crosby, Stills and Nash “Cathedral” (CSN – the one with the boat-, Review no 70)

13) “The man in the crowd with the multicoloured mirrors on his hobnailed boots, lying with his eyes while his hands are busy working overtime, a soap impression of his wife which he ate and donated to the National Trust” (1968)

The Beatles “Happiness Is A Warm Gun” (The White Album, Review no 25)

14) “He was singing on his knees, an angry mob trailed along, they shot my brother dead because he hated what was wrong” (1965)

Simon and Garfunkel “He Was My Brother” (Wednesday Morning 3AM, reviewed as News and Views no 42)

15) “I gave myself to God – there was a pregnant pause before he said OK” (1995)

Belle and Sebastian “The State I Am In” (Tigermilk, Review no 98)

16) “I was watching ‘Highway Patrol’ whittling with my knife, but the thought never struck me I’d be black and white for life, I was raised on law and order in a community of strife, became a restless warrior and I never took a wife” (1987)

Neil Young “Mideast Vacation” (Life, reviewed as News and Views no 56)

17) “As I close my eyes, like Crimson curtains slowly rising on an empty stage; then I’m back in the stalls, sitting all alone, waiting for the show to begin” (2009)

Yusuf aka Cat Stevens “Everytime I Dream” (Roadsinger, reviewed as News and Views no 31)

18) “Here I sit with time running out on me, knowing full well its dreams that are beyond me, I can’t deny that life passes by sometimes” (1970)

Lindisfarne “Alan In The River With Flowers” (Nicely Out Of Tune, Review no 37)

19) “I want to watch you, windblown facing, waves of wheat for your embracing, folks sing a song of the grange, nestle in a kiss below there, the constellations ebb and flow there, witness our home on the range” (2004)

Brian Wilson/The Beach Boys (either acceptable) “Cabinessence” (Smile, Review no 101)

20) “So we go on moving, trying to make this image real, straighten every nerve and knowing what we really feel, straining every nerve and making everybody see what they’ve read in ‘Rolling Stone’ has really begun to be and avoiding a case of bad reality” (1971)

Jefferson Airplane “Third Week In The Chelsea” (Bark, Reviewed as News and Views no 91)

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