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List Of Links Per AAA Band (Updated To February 2016)

Please click on the links (or copy in some cases where this hasn't worked - sorry!) to read more articles from 'back issues' of album reviews from News, Views and Music, which are listed alphabetically by band and chronologically by album (please note this section is a pain to update so we only do it every so often – have a look bottom right at the ‘100 most recent articles’ if you’re after more to read!) Please note also that we still have about 100 records we haven’t covered yet – we should be finished this humungous project in about two years (depending on how many more Neil Young puts out between now and 2017!!!) so please be patient with us if we haven't got to your favourite yet  (although if we haven’t and you really want to read it, then why now leave a comment and let us know and we’ll move it up the pile!) Please also see below this list for 'top five'/'top ten' articles. Happy reading - and, err, sorry about the eye strain!!! Updated as of February 2016.

The Beach Boys:

'Surfin' USA' (1963)
'Surfer Girl' (1963)
'Shut Down Volume Two' (1964)

‘All Summer Long’ (1964)

'Beach Boys Christmas' (1964)

'Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!!!!!!!) (1965)
'Party!' (1965)
'Surf's Up' (1971)
'M.I.U Album' (1978)

'L.A.Light Album' (1979)
'Keeping The Summer Alive' (1980)
'Summer In Paradise' (1992)

'Smile' (Brian Wilson solo) (2004)

'That Lucky Old Sun' (Brian Wilson solo) (2008)

'Smile Sessions' (band outtakes)(2011)
'That's Why God Made The Radio' (2012)

The Best Unreleased Beach Boys Recordings
A Complete (ish) Guide To The Beach Boys' Surviving TV Clips
Solo/Live/Compilation/Rarities Albums Part One 1962-86
Solo/Live/Compilation/Rarities Albums Part Two 1988-2014
Non-Album Songs Part One 1962-1969
Non-Album Songs Part Two 1970-2012
'Rubber Soul' (1965)

'Revolver' (1966)
'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band' (1967)

'Magical Mystery Tour' (1967)

'The Beatles' aka 'The White Album' (1968)

The Best Unreleased Beatles Recordings

A Complete AAA Guide To The Beatles Cartoons
The Beatles: Surviving TV Appearances
A 'Bite' Of Beatles Label 'Apple'
The Beatles: Non-Album Songs Part One: 1958-63
 The Beatles: Non-Album Songs Part Two: 1964-67
The Beatles: Non-Album Songs Part Three: 1968-96
The Beatles: Compilations/Live Albums/Rarities Sets Part One: 1962-74
The Beatles: Compilations/Live Albums/Rarities Sets Part Two: 1976-2013
Beatles Bonuses: The Songs John and Paul Gave Away To The World/To Ringo!

'The Life Pursuit' (2006)

'Write About Love' (2010)
'God Help The Girl' (Stuart Murdoch Film) (2014)
Girls In Peace Time Just Want To Dance (2015)

Belle and Sebastian: Existing TV Clips
Belle and Sebastian: 12 Unreleased Songs
Belle and Sebastian: Non-Album Songs
Belle and Sebastian: Solo/Live/Compilation/Rarities Albums

Buffalo Springfield:

Dewey Martin Obituary and Tribute:

Non-Album Songs
Surviving TV Appearances 1967-2010
Solo/Live/Compilation albums (Including Poco!)

The Byrds:

'Mr Tambourine Man' (1965)

'(5D) Fifth Dimension' (1966)

'Younger Than Yesterday' (1967)

'The Nototious Byrd Brothers' (1968)

'Sweethearts Of The Rodeo' (1968)

'Dr Byrds and Mr Hyde' (1969)

‘The Ballad Of Easy Rider’ (1969)

'Untitled' (1970)
'Byrdmaniax' (1971)
'The Byrds' (1973)

Surviving TV Appearances

Unreleased Songs
Non-Album Songs (1964-1990)
A Guide To Pre-Fame Byrds Recordings
Solo/Live/Compilation Albums Part One (1964-1972)
Solo/Live/Compilation Albums Part Two (1973-1977)

Solo/Live/Compilation Albums Part Three (1978-1991)
Solo/Live/Compilation Albums Part Four (1992-2013)

‘Graham Nash, David Crosby’ (1972)

'Stephen Stills-Manassas'  (1972)

'Wild Tales' (Nash) (1973)
'Down The Road' (Stephen Stills/Manassas) (1973)

'Stills' (1975)

'Wind On The Water' (Crosby-Nash) (1975)
'Illegal Stills' (Stills) (1976)
'Whistling Down The Wire' (Crosby-Nash) (1976)

'Long May You Run' (Stills-Young) (1976)

'CSN' (1977)
'Thoroughfare Gap' (Stills) (1978)
'Earth and Sky' (Nash) (1970)

'Daylight Again' (CSN) (1982)
'American Dream' (CSNY) (1988)

'Live It Up!' (CSN)  (1989)

'CPR' (Crosby Band) (1998)

'Looking Forward' (1999)

'Crosby*Nash' (2005)

'Deja Vu Live' (CD) (2008)

'Deja Vu Live' (DVD) (2008)

'Reflections' (Graham Nash Box Set) (2009)

'Demos' (CSN) (2009)

'Manassas: Pieces' (2010)

‘Carry On’ (Stephen Stills Box Set) (2013)

'Croz' (Crosby) (2014)

'CSNY 74' (Recorded 1974 Released 2014)

The Best Unreleased CSNY Recordings
Surviving TV Appearances (1969-2009)
Non-Album Recordings (1962-2009)
Live/Compilation/Rarities Albums Part One (1964-1980)

Live/Compilations/Rarities Albums Part Two (1982-2012)

Dire Straits:
'Communique' (1979)

'Makin' Movies' (1981)

'Love Over Gold' (1983)

‘Brothers In Arms’ (1985)

'On Every Street' (1993)
Surviving TV Appearances (1978-1991)

Unreleased Recordings (1978-1991)
Non-Album Songs 1977-1991
Live/Solo/Compilation/Film Soundtrack Albums Part One (1977-1999)
Live/Solo/Compilation/Film Soundtrack Albums Part Two (2000-2014)

Art Garfunkel:
'Angel Clare' (1973)
‘Breakaway’ (1975)
'Fate For Breakfast' (1979)
'The Animals' Christmas' (1986)

(see below for ‘Simon and Garfunkel’ reviews)

'Blues For Allah' (1975)

'Terrapin Station' (1977)
'Go To Heaven' (1980)
'In The Dark' (1987)

'Built To Last' (1989)
Surviving TV Clips 1966-1994
The Best Unreleased Recordings 1966-1993
The Last Unfinished Album 1990-1995
Live/Solo/Compilations Part One 1966-1976
Live/Solo/Compilations Part Two 1978-2011
A Guide To The CD Bonus Tracks
Dick's Picks/Dave's Picks
Road Trips/Download Series/Miscellaneous Archive Releases

George Harrison:
'Extra Texture (Read All About It)' (1975)
'Thirty-Three And A Third' (1976)

'George Harrison' (1979)

‘Somewhere In England’ (1981)
'Gone Troppo' (1982)
'Brainwashed' (2002)
'Hidden Harrison - The Best Unreleased Recordings'
Live/Compilation/Spin-Off Albums Plus The Occasional Wilbury
Non-Album Recordings 1968-2001
Surviving TV Appearances 1971-2001

Hollies and solo:

'Stay With The Hollies' (1964)

'In The Hollies Style' (1964)

'The Hollies' (1965)

'For Certain, Because' (1966)

'Evolution' (1967)

'Butterfly' (1967)

‘Hollies Sing Hollies’ (1969)

'Confessions Of The Mind' (1970)
'A Distant Light' (1971)

'Romany' (1972)

'Out On The Road' (1973)

'Headroom' (Allan Clarke solo) (1973)
'The Hollies' (1974)
'Another Night' (1975)

‘Russian Roulette’ (1976)

'5317704' (1979)
'Staying Power' (2006)

'Radio Fun' (BBC Sessions) (2012)

The Best Unreleased Hollies Recordings
Surviving TV Footage 1964-2010
Non-Album Songs Part One: 1963-1970
Non-Album Songs Part Two: 1971-2014

Live/Solo/Compilation/US Editions/Covers Albums Part One 1964-1975
Live/Solo/Compilation/US Editions/Covers Albums Part Two 1976-2014

Jefferson Airplane/Starship and solo:

'Takes Off!' (1966)
'Surrealistic Pillow' (1967)

'After Bathing At Baxters' (1967)

'Crown Of Creation' (1968)
'Volunteers' (1969)

'Bark' (1971)

'Blows Against The Empire' (Kantner)  (1971)

‘Sunfighter’ (Kantner/Slick) (1972)
'Baron Von Tollbooth and the Chrome Nun' (Kantner/Slick/Freiberg) (1973)

'Dragonfly' (1974)
'Red Octopus' (1975)

'Spitfire' (1976)
'Modern Times' (1981)

'Nuclear Furniture' (1983)
Non-Album Songs 1966-1984
The Best Unreleased Recordings 1966-1974
Surviving TV Footage 1966-1989
Live/Solo/Compilation/Hot Tuna Albums Part One 1966: 1978
Live/Solo/Compilation/Hot Tuna Albums Part Two 1979-2013

Janis Joplin:

'Big Brother And The Holding Company' (1967)

'Cheap Thrills' (1968)

'I Got Dem Ol' Kozmik Blues Again Mama!' (1969)

'Pearl' (1970)
Non-Album Songs 1963-1970
Surviving TV Clips 1967-1970
Live/Compilation/Outtakes Sets 1965-1970

The Kinks:

‘Kinda Kinks’ (1964)
'The Kink Kontroversy' (1965)

'Face To Face' (1966)

‘Something Else’ (1967)
'The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society' (1968)

'Arthur' (1969)

'Lola vs Powerman and the Money-Go-Round' (1970)

‘Everybody’s In Showbiz’ (1972)

'Low Budget' (1979)

'Give The People What They Want' (1981)
'State Of Confusion' (1983)

'Word Of Mouth' (1985)

'Think Visual' (1986)

'UK Jive' (1989)
'Phobia' (1993)

Pete Quaife: Obituary and Tribute
The Best Unreleased Kinks Songs 1963-1992 (Ish!)
Non-Album Recordings 1963-1991
The Kinks Part One: Solo/Live/Compilation/US Albums 1964-1996
The Kinks Part Two: Solo/Live/Compilation Albums 1998-2014
Surviving TV Appearances 1964-1995

John Lennon:
'Imagine' (1971)

'Sometime In New York City' (1972)

'Mind Games'(1973)

'Walls and Bridges' (1974)
'Double Fantasy' (1980)

'Milk and Honey'  (1982)
Non-Album Recordings 1969-1980
Live/Compilation/Unfinished Music Albums 1968-2010
The Best Unreleased Lennon Recordings
Surviving TV Clips 1968-1980

'The Squire' (AH) (1975)

'The Old Straight Track' (JTL) (1975)

'Magic In The Air' (L) (1978)
'Back and Fourth' (L) (1978)

‘The News’(L) (1979)

'Sleepless Nights' (L) (1982)

'Elvis Lives On The Moon' (L) (1993)
'Here Comes The Neighbourhood' (1998)
Si Cowe Obituary and Tribute (2015)

Nils Lofgren and Grin:

'Wings At The Speed Of Sound' (1976)

'London Town' (1978)
'Back To The Egg' (1979)

'McCartney II' (Original Double Album) (1980)

'Tug Of War' (1982)
'Pipes Of Peace' (1983)

'Press To Play' (1986)

'Flowers In The Dirt' (1989)
'Off The Ground' (1993)

'Driving Rain' (2001)
'Memory Almost Full' (2006)
'New' (2013)
The Best Unreleased McCartney/Wings Recordings

'Pool It!' (1986)
'Only Shades Of Grey' : The Monkees In Relation To Postmodernism (University Dissertation)

Moody Blues and solo:

'The Magnificent Moodies' (1965)
'Days Of Future Passed' (1967)

'In Search Of The Lost Chord' (1968)

'On The Threshold Of A Dream' (1969)

'To Our Children's Children's Children' (1969)

‘A Question Of Balance’ (1970)

'Every Good Boy Deserves Favour' (1971)

'Seventh Sojourn' (1972)

'Blue Jays' (Hayward/Lodge) (1976)

'Songwriter' (Hayward) (1977)

'Long Distance Voyager' (1981)

'The Present' (1983)
'The Other Side Of This Life' (1986)
'Sur La Mer' (1988)


Oasis/Beady Eye/High Flying Birds:

'Definitely Maybe' (1994)
'(What's The Story?) Morning Glory' (1995)
'Be Here Now' (1997)
‘Heathen Chemistry’ (2002)

‘Don’t Believe The Truth’ (2005)

'Dig Out Your Soul' (2008)

'Different Gear, Still Speeding' (Beady Eye) (2011)

'Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds' (2011) 
'Chasing Yesterdays' (Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds) (2015)

Gilbert O'Sullivan:

'A Stranger In My Own Back Yard' (1974)

'Off Centre' (1980)

Complete Solo Album Guide 1971-2014


'The Pentangle' (1968)
'Sweet Child' (1968)
'Cruel Sister' (1970)
'Reflection' (1971)
‘Solomon’s Seal’ (1972)

Bert Jansch Obituary and Tribute (2011):
John Renbourn Obituary and Tribute (2015):

'Dark Side Of The Moon' (1973)

‘Animals’ (1977)

'The Wall' (1980)
'The Final Cut' (1983)
'A Momentary Lapse Of Reason' (1987)

'Amused To Death' (Waters) (1992)
The Best Unreleased Pink Floyd Recordings

'The Soul Album' (1966)

'Complete and Unbelievable - The Otis Redding Dictionary Of Soul!' (1966)

'No 2' (1965)
'It's Only Rock 'n' Roll' (1974)
'Black and Blue' (1976)

'Some Girls' (1978)
'Emotional Rescue' (1980)
'Undercover' (1983)

'Steel Wheels' (1989)
'Bridges To Babylon' (1998)
'A Bigger Bang' (2005)

Rolling Stones: Unreleased Recordings

The Searchers:
‘Sounds Like Searchers’ (1964)

'Take Me For What I'm Worth' (1965)

'Play The System' (B sides and rarities) (1988)

'Sounds Of Silence'
'Songs From The Capeman' (1997)
'You're The One' (2000)
The Best Unreleased Simon/Garfunkel Recordings

(see above for Art Garfunkel)

The Small Faces:

'Small Faces' (Decca) (1966)

'Small Faces' (Immediate) (1967)

'Ogden's Nut Gone Flake' (1968)

'The Autumn Stone' (1968)

Ian McLagan Tribute Special

Cat Stevens/Yusuf:

'Matthew and Son' (1967)

'New Masters' (1968)

'Mona Bone Jakon' (1970)

'Tea For The Tillerman' (1970)
'Back To Earth' (1978)

'Roadsinger' (2009)

'Tell 'Em I'm Gone' (2014)

10cc and Hotlegs:
'How Dare You!' (1976)
'Meanwhile' (1992)

The Who and solo:

'The Who Sing My Generation' (1965)
'It's Hard' (1982)

'Quadrophenia' (Director's Cut Box Set) (2012)

Neil Young and Crazy Horse:

'Neil Young' (1968)
'Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere' (1969)
‘After The Goldrush’ (1970)
'Zuma' (1975)

'American Stars 'n' Bars' (1977)

'Comes A Time' (1978)
'Rust Never Sleeps' (1979)

'Hawks and Doves' (1980)
'Harvest Moon' (1992)

'Sleeps With Angels' (1993)

'Mirror Ball' (1995)
'Broken Arrow' (1997)

‘Prairie Wind’(2005)
'Fork In The Road' (2009)

'Le Noise' (2011)

'A Treasure' (1986/2012)
'Storytone' (2014)
'The Monsanto Years' (2015)
The Best Unreleased Neil Young recordings

April Fool's Day Issues:

#4 ('Swedish Elizabethan' edition, published 2012, set in a timeless universe):

#5 ('Max's Space Museum' edition, published 2013, set in 7114):

#6 (Max's Scrapbook' edition, published 2014 set in 2099): and
#7 ('Multiverse with famous authors writing for the AAA' edition, published and set in 2015)

Special Editions:

Every Single AAA Studio and Solo Release in Chronological Order: (updated Jan 1st 2015 Edition) 

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